Yogurt in a homemade yogurt maker— product use and the rules of cooking

The selection of yoghurts today is truly vast. Manufacturers of this product are engaged in active propaganda, telling potential buyers about its favorable effects on the body, variety of flavor palettes and other benefits. But we, the experienced cook, not so easy to spend! We know that the most useful yogurt will be one that is cooked at home, since all the possibilities are there — you just have to get a homemade yogurt maker.

Basic concepts

Homemade yogurt maker is a device that is meant, no matter how trivial, to prepare the yogurt in a home environment.

Yogurt is a fermented milk product, able to skillfully combine both a pleasant taste and a high level of utility, thanks to which enjoys high popularity both among children and among the older generation. Yogurt is prepared by fermentation of milk with lactic acid Bulgarian coli and thermophilic Streptococcus.

The benefits of yogurt, cooked in a homemade yogurt maker

Yogurt prepared at home do not contain preservatives, fragrances and dyes, which can have a detrimental effect on human health. They are based on natural products, and if the owner is confident in the quality of the yogurt ingredients, it can be assured in the quality of the final product.

Homemade yogurt really consists of live yogurt culture.

Preparation of the yogurt allows you to dream a little by choosing different fillers for him.

A nice aspect is the financial side of the issue. Homemade yogurt is much cheaper than the store.

The rules of cooking yogurt in a homemade yogurt maker

For making yogurt in a homemade yogurt maker requires the following components.


The first preparation used yogurt from the store. Read the packaging, the composition must include a live yoghurt culture.


For making yogurt at home suitable fresh milk, however, compliance with process fully it is better to use pre-boiled and then cooled down to 40-45 degrees milk.


The principle of operation of a yogurt maker is very simple. It is designed to maintain a constant temperature for a specified period of time.

To prepare homemade yogurt with a yogurt maker, first mix the milk and yeast. Pour the prepared mixture in a special container and set them in the yogurt maker (containers are left open). The yogurt maker lid and turn on the desired mode.

During the preparation of homemade yogurt to move and shake maker is impossible. After 6-8 hours of moving containers in the fridge, the fermentation process stops. An hour later, the yogurt is ready!

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