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Map Help - without a doubt, the project. Perhaps it was even awarded, posthumously, when fires in the country, finally, will not. Most likely it will be some kind of internet award, but not the recognition of the merits of the state. For the first time (you can remember something like that?) Online volunteers not only united in wanting to help, but also created a website, call center, monitoring and information exchange. They can call, write, send a message "to the number" in Skype or Twitter. They are present in all the major social networks, communicate with the media, and recheck data collected throughout Russia and at the same time they are volunteers, volunteers around the clock to help those who care about the catastrophic situation of people fighting fires and affected by them. They are not affiliated with any organizations and political parties, they are on their own, they will dissolve quietly among us, when trouble retreat, and will gather again to help, if, God forbid, happen. The system was created, run-in and ready to repeat.
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All volunteers, unfortunately, does not see. Thanks to the Internet, they work in different parts of the world.
 - Why do guys really do not? - I ask the beautiful long-haired girl.
 - They are more on the technical side, their presence in the call center is not required.

Office premises provided landscaping, girls clearly hinder his work - calls, calls, but no one is outraged. Not even provided, and landed next to their employees.

All phones - mobile, money spent to communicate their own, about four hundred rubles a day per room.

"Heal the burns on the picture at a distance" - such messages do not pass moderation, here only a real help.
 - Strange proposals are?
 - One girl from Montreal offers a children's stationery, but only in exchange for a photograph of the child to get them. She said that they set them on the table in the frame.

 - And a man with his own nine aircraft approached, saying that they are ready to fly and are able to put out. We, crazy, provided information, we do not know as there is more and that.















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