Different views on the world map

It's no secret that history - the science is not exact, and in different regions of the world the same facts can be described very differently. With a history of everything is clear, but it is geography, seemed to be the same everywhere? It turns out there! Let's see how the World is seen from different points of the globe. Thus, a selection of world maps, printed in different countries.
This map of the world, we are used to seeing - Russia is in the center, and how can it be otherwise?

This map of France is very similar to ours, but still the center of Europe already has

But this card from the United States. True unusual to see Eurasia divided in half?

Another map of the Americas, and again it is in the center of

But this card is from Australia, apparently, she did go to their heads, and it is not convenient to look at the world as the rest of

Again from Australia and again upside down. In this way, not even Antarctica. And who do I need it?

And yet one of the country's kangaroo

But this card from South Africa, they do not like our usual position of cards, apparently located at the top of nicer than at the bottom. Well, Antarctica they do not like

This card is from Korea. Everything is logical, in the center of Korea

This card is also unknown, most likely from some Asian

This map of China (even absolutely no surprise)

Again, from China, they also want to be at the center

And this card personalized card Peters, Arno Peters created it in 1973, in which he displayed the surface of the Earth in its undistorted form

And on this map correspond to the size of their population

And it is a bonus to those who looked through to the end!

Source: art-on.ru


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