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In short, the Savings Bank as usual ohuel. Financial institution number one again with practiced ease cranks on the dick of many customers. History totally fucking, but will start a little distance. Some time ago, Sberbank began to establish across the country here are the mobile portals to hell pavilions Self.


In fact - very handy in the winter turned into pussy outside Moscow without money, and then close the warm pavilion. Held a card, went, warmed, took money out there ... civilization and technology. A great idea, but alas, intervened AHAHAHHAHAH Sberbank. So, then the words of my friend, let's call him Eugene, who became a direct participant in the events:

Day on the eve of the 8th of March. Pandemonium blockage at work + "bitch, whore, you have something to give!" Noshus all day in the city, between suppliers and buyers, simultaneously anticipating shopping. Phone does not stop. At some point it becomes necessary to withdraw cash from the card and ... Oh, praise the Great Gref! The eye catches a stationary Stand ATM Sberbank, of which the DC, recently began to appear more and more. Run up, pull the handle - closed! It's a shame ... But then view rests on the card reader next to the door handle. For Sure! It is necessary to insert the card and opens the door! "I got out of the wallet card, abruptly pounded card into the slot, and ... card flies to unknown worlds! Only a light slap plastic allows us to understand that she landed somewhere behind the wall ...

The first question was dumb WTF? !!! In search of the answer to the first question my eyes rested on a glass door, which adorned the announcement: "The pavilion is not working. The nearest ATM is located at ... »


"Well, you goof!" - Flashed through my head and then went cold in the extremities and scrotum skukozhilas - on this map were all my money, most of which are intended to suppliers who without pay to ship the goods, and the goods and not to the buyers to go there is nothing. Well, "bitch, whore, 8th of March" - buying presents, as always, has been postponed to the very last moment.

We must act! How can I at that moment seemed the surest method - "Call a Friend!»

- Hello! You've reached the Sberbank of Russia. Turn your phone to tone dialing and follow the prompts electronic Secretary:

- If you need to suspend the card, press - «1»

- If you want .... Press "2»

- If .... «3»

- .... «4»




- If you need professional help, press "0" Oh, yes !!! I really need professional help !!! While the choice of hotkey immediately alerted me, shake cherished figure.

- Hello! ... Operator. How can I help you?

- Girl, you know, there is such a thing. Decided to withdraw money from the card, I decided to use a kiosk located at .... However, the card Whack and I can not get it. Please connect me with the department that you serve these kiosks.

- What city are you calling us?

- DC

- You need to contact the office that serves the terminal. And now you have to block your card to avoid it is not fair use.

I'm saying that I do not need anything to block, just let the phone the office concerned. Dictate address pavilion received in response phone compartment.

Groundhog Day!

- Hello! You've reached the Sberbank of Russia. Turn your phone to tone dialing and follow the prompts electronic Secretary:

- If you need to suspend the card, press - «1»

- If you want .... Press "2»

- If .... «3»

- .... «4»




- If you need professional help, press "0". I press "0»

- Hello! ... Operator. How can I help you?

- Hello, girl! Here is the deal. It was necessary to withdraw cash, decided to use the pavilion, located at .... The door is closed ... He put the card ... no ...
- ATM does not give the card? No, girl! To cash I got fucking door will not let them! Decided to open it, put the card in the reader, well, you know, these card readers at the doors ?! A map bzdyn, and fell inside the kiosk, and the door did not open. Please send someone thread of support services to open the shop and got my card!

- First, you need to temporarily block your card to avoid misconduct with it!

- Girl !!! I'm standing a meter away from the card and the only one who can take advantage of this card - it's a rat! Which may in this pavilion and there. So, please do not block anything, just send someone who can help me!

- Just a moment, I will take you to another specialist.

Music plays ....

- Hello! ... Operator. How can I help you?

- Hello! A previous girl that you did not explain anything?

- No.

- Eeeee ... So ... (followed by the story of all that had happened to me and my card)

- You need to temporarily suspend your card, so ...

- It is not necessary to block or anything! Just send someone!

- Wait on the line, I will take you to another specialist ...

YES !!!
Music plays ...

- Hello! ... Operator. How can I help you?

- Map .... ATE ... POPA !!!

- What excuse?

- Nothing! Thank you for your help! Goodbye!

p.s. only then, when all was resolved, I checked the call timer - 37 minutes!

Hung up, I realized that it usually happens, in any light situation, you can rely only on themselves. After spending a cursory examination of the structure, I came to the conclusion that all is not lost and went into the car for the tools ...

In fact, as shown by examination, failed card is not inside the pavilion, and somewhere inside the casing, koeyu and it was decided to dismantle. It was decided to start with advertising boxes from the end of the absorber.


Removing the box and looked inside I ohuel:


Just a shame that we have in the country is even the good undertakings (including banking and street kiosks, where at any time and under any weather conditions can be removed / put money to pay the bill, a fine, and a lot more) scattered about pohuizm and raspizdyaystvo! The question is, removed the reader, well, why not lock slot? !!! Once again, there are a couple hundred cards and judging from the leaves and other dirt they lie there for a long time. Surely, most of their owners certainly a service call, explained the situation and asked for help. Maybe someone of these people really need the money (most of the detected cards - social or salary), someone had to buy medicine, someone was leaving on vacation and had to buy food for the cat! All fuck! Inches of plastic mixed with autumn leaves.


This is how the reader looks outside


... And so here inside


Most surprisingly, the room lights on and operate the terminals! On the part of the pavilion does not look abandoned


Scored this gap somehow trash, so that there is nothing you can no longer stick. I very much hope that this post will reach someone thread of Sberbank and they finally have, send experts and do what should have been done a long time ago - will induce order in one, separately taken, the pavilion! time really was not enough, so in haste, scored slit cardboard. Next week I will try to drive up there and pour all the mounting foam. END.

Here is a fucking attitude towards customers.




Some people believe that in hell 9 laps, the last of which are fried traitors. In fact, there is a hell and tenth circle - a joint subsidiary of Sberbank and Russian Post.


UPD! Smska came from Sberbank, want me to credit needle plant. That's a lot or a little?


UPD2! Comments staff Sberbank



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