Sberbank and Leo Burnett Moscow wished happiness to the contribution

Leo Burnett Moscow has issued its fourth commercial for Sberbank of Russia. The video "We wish you happiness," adds campaign in which the Savings Bank shows the connection of times, a long life of the bank and its importance in the lives of ordinary lyudey.Kreativny account Sberbank Leo Burnett Moscow won in June 2008 and for the past 5 months has created a 4-D movie , which combines the current reality with the retro music and retro-values.

The old, familiar to all songs and video tell the story of people who come to Sberbank. In the first video it was a girl who came for a loan to the song "Do you believe me or not?", The second video about safe deposits was used tribute version of the military song "Dark Night" performed by Boris Grebenshchikov, in the third - advertising contributions to the accompaniment children's song "strong friendship" from the cartoon "Timka and Dima."

New video shows the story of how a young dad walking with a child lost cell phone, but it has helped the employee of the Savings Bank.

As used music song of Flowers "We wish you happiness».

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  • March 26, 2009
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        Guess gift!

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          The girl sang so «Con te partirò» Andrea Bocelli that judges tears

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            Brad Pitt has built homes for hundreds of families who have lost everything in a hurricane

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              "Once you realize that there was one ...»

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                20 luxurious baths. Put me back

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                  Happy birthday, Sergei Dovlatov!

                  need more interesting articles!


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