Fitness LEO system will become a personal trainer for those who do not have it

In our time, the number of fans of a healthy lifestyle increases as increasing the number of different kinds of fitness gadgets. Fitness bracelets, smart HRM, radars biking and everything else - to compile a list of such devices need a thick ledger, and not one.

It would seem that with such a competitive new devices will not break into the market. But it is not - some manufacturers can not find an idea that makes a popular gadget. Probably to this category of devices should include the system of LEO, which is a all-in-one. This fitness tracker, and a heart rate monitor and GPS and much more.

What can LEO? h4>
 For an athlete, professional or amateur, this system can replace the (at the time, though) personal trainer. LEO monitors the performance of the human body during exercise, and gives tips: somewhere worth lower revs, somewhere naobrot, increase the activity of training.

The functions of LEO includes all the usual example:

The definition of heart rate with high accuracy; Locate during training; Tracking calories burned; The definition of time spent on training, and distance traveled.

All this can and fitness bracelets, which has more than once or twice wrote Habré. But there are unique features that LEO and converted into a unified control system of training of any person, whether a professional athlete, or a pensioner from health groups:

Determination of the concentration of lactic acid in the body; Determining the level of load on muscles; Tracking the moisture level of the organism; Evaluating the effectiveness of training; < / Evaluation of training equipment; The system alerts in case of too intense workout. Monitor weather conditions in the area of ​​training.

To work on the creation of such a system involved engineers, designers, doctors, fitness trainers. The team was (and is) great, but it was worth it: the system really does what the developers promise.

Most of the people concentrated on training, little notes, some feelings just blunted. And after training, we feel that somewhere "pull" muscles, very thirsty, etc.

LEO can identify the problem before it becomes serious. The same excessive load on a particular muscle group is immediately recognized, and the system will give a warning. The same applies to the urgent need to drink some water - if you exercise in the sun, the problem of dehydration can become quite serious in just a few minutes.

All data transmitted by the mobile Bluetooth device user (iOS / Android), and can be synchronized and with desktop PC. Data is stored in the company's service, called LEO Cloud.

Bluetooth-module (LTE); Protect from moisture; Elastic tape with silicone strap and a built-in sensors. < br />

Price and order h4>
 Currently pre-order price is 184 US dollars, you can buy from производителя. After the release of the device to the market price is 299 US dollars.

In Russia, request a notification of a product can have Medgadgets .



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