What happens if I do not go to work at nine in the morning

The question can be expanded: what will happen if I stop going to work or going to work from 18:00 to 5:00, and the output will be Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday?

I will be happy!

I'll talk about how to build my work schedule and timetable of my partners and employees. I refer to the partners of people who work with me in the team, but are not part of the permanent staff - a designers, programmers, system administrators.

The article is not worth reading to people who dream to work 4 hours a week and receive at the same time millions. This written other articles and other books. The same article will be of no use to people whose occupations are associated with a rigid schedule: metallurgists, doctors, cooks, etc.

Honey h4> We start with the sweet. When people ask me what I was from the city, I fall into a stupor for a few seconds. If I would be asked what city I was born and grew up, I would answer without hesitation. The thing is that at different times, I have lived in different cities, it is now Chelyabinsk, before it was Ekateriburg, Ufa, Tyumen, Perm, I want to Kazan, Kaliningrad. I omit how many cities I managed to visit over the years.

So, I'm 36 years old, I run a small company of 15-20 people live permanently somewhere in Russia, leaving other countries do not plan to.

On average, I work 11 hours a day and still do not believe that I get tired. I have a great family: a wife, a daughter and a cat who does not complain about the lack of attention. I've never had a vacation in the traditional sense of the word. And, you know, I can say that I'm happy, I'm doing things you love, I am surrounded by professional and I want it to not end.

Reality h4> My life graph:
Up at 6 am, jogging 1, 5-2 hours through the pine forest.
At 8:30 I appear in the office
At 17:20 I close the office and go home
19:30 little rest and chat with family
23:00 work, after communication with the family, sleep onset

Schedule an example, can vary greatly, but I try to stick with it. Saturday and Sunday, like all people - free from any schedule, but one of the traditional output is given to the work and preparation for the new week.

At the same time, I can not go to work, I can not come to dinner, I went to live in another city and work out a remote and office working, nothing is broken, people "do not run." Two offices, one large in Chelyabinsk, and a smaller one in Yekaterinburg.

Sometimes I go to the office to communicate with people, yes, there are days I do not work effectively when I neighing with employees, do optimization of energy consumption or increase their skills and outlook.

I can go on Tuesday at 11:00 in the movie with the family, lunch in a restaurant and return back to the office.

My job is the organization of educational activities. Every two weeks I organize an event in three cities, each activity comes from 15 to 100 students. I am not a lecturer!

In the process of the organization includes:
1. Set the audience for the event;
2. Work with the lecturers (search for them, the coordination of programs and performances, etc.);
3. Preparation of accounting documents;
4. Preparation of handouts;
5. Work with meeting rooms and restaurants.

Overall I and my team every two weeks from zero starts the same project - seminar. We successfully organize it. In fact, we have a lot of steps and preparation, and the current which does not make sense to talk right now.

In addition, we design, develop and maintain a professional web-resource.

I will not talk about the stages of work, goals, objectives, milestones, and so on, I will talk about the people and about for whom a schedule convenient, comfortable and efficient.

I divide the work schedule of staff into two types:
1. Traditional. Five days a week working days and two days off. From 9:00 to 17:00 (in my version).
2. Alternative. This lack of proper work schedule and a permanent job.
In my organization, any employee has the right to choose any of the possible schedules. Get permission to it can only person who has grown beyond the psychologically student.

Psychological age h4> The ability to be responsible for the result, not the visibility of the process, is what distinguishes man from the psychologically adult "student."
Tell us about your salespeople. Being one of the warm days in Ekaterinburg, I received a letter from the troubled prodazhnika (in fact the older group).
"We decided to air in the office in which we sit, as Masha blows from the corridor, we closed the door. Chief accountant for some reason, came and opened it silently. What is the problem if we shut the door? We need to ask permission? »
Retreat. Door - accountants and salespeople are sitting side by side in adjacent rooms and one door separates them from each other. I>

Chief Accountant I do not write like that. So I decided to ask her what had happened and why she opened the door. As it turned out, salespeople have decided to give myself a little break (it was Friday) and have a chat about this and about women. Chief Accountant felt that since salespeople are working on a rigid schedule, the time they spend at work and the organization's resources should be spent to achieve the result of their work, ie, the sale of services.

Now look closely at the situation. Chief accountant focused on results, and salespeople on otsazhivanie time.

Chief accountant can work on what you want the schedule may not appear for weeks in the office and work remotely from home. But this does not occur if a person has a need for it goes without asking when he needed to and how much. But most of the time to work. In any case, I and he knows that the goal is reached and executed to the desired date. From I only need to competently set goals and desired results, when and how a person will do does not matter.

Salespeople will never be able to work on a free schedule. Not because they have any specific activity, no. They are psychologically at the level of "student", accept the tasks and objectives, such as: Go teach lessons. Hooray! Ring the bell, you can go home. Tomorrow back to school.

Yes, it is necessary to reconstruct and explain and teach, but the time is not always enough, so long as the sales department works on the classic version.

On arrival at the office, on Monday held a conversation with the sales department. Said a spokesman for the department, the same senior group:
- We closed the door because ... (the repetition of the letter), why do not trust us? Give us a free schedule. We show the result - sales are all good.
- Ok, I'll think that it's time to give you the freedom and did not want zaparivatsya control over your performance. Yes, you are working, everything is fine. But let's look at the benchmarks that you have total control over every day. Here you Mary, Friday, was 2:00 in the conversation, and all previous days for at least 3 hours. The rest of the same conversation hour less. Why did this happen, what happened?
- It was a Friday and we decided to relax a bit. Sad mines, lowered his eyes.
- I agree, chat, laugh, escape is necessary, we are not robots. I myself love you neighing, but never had the time of our score in the conversation do not fall. If you want independence and the lack of control, then you yourself must bear responsibility for the outcome. I'm ready to give the free schedule of work, but what if the result is not achieved? What kind of punishment? I will not pay you a bonus or maybe there is some other suggestion?
An awkward silence on the part of salespeople and answer: - We will think.

More than this conversation was not raised. Men and women and under 40 years, and many have had their own children and small, are still psychologically not grown beyond the "student."

For many employers, it is an illusion: "If I work hard and efficiently, my staff see how I work, and sooner or later will also work well." Nothing like this will not work if your staff consists of "school».

And in this case, if you use the money as a motivator - it's not going to work. "Pupils" do not need the money, it gives parents, in my case, to my parents and my husband is added. And even if you do not give it probably accuse you of is that it's your fault that he does not work, or the weather is bad or has a headache, there reasons for 1001.

My advice: If you are an employer - not looking for "school" and your business will be successful, and the team cohesive and effective.
If you are an employee - grow out of student and become an adult who is responsible for the outcome of their work. You will appreciate the employers and your career will go up the hill. The reason is primarily within you!

I'm very comfortable working with people who surround me. This is the people working on the free graphics and staff located in the classical schedule. But of course with the first much easier, clearer and more comfortable. And I appreciate them more and I'm afraid to lose, unlike the second, which can be replaced in a week.

Ask your questions, write about what you wanted to know about the motivation, setting goals, working with remote staff.

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