Kak, I once again was in the hospital

As I promised Herr Professor, in early March, I was given a place in the hospital where gathered to introduce my body foreign objects. And their, already has become a reflex habit, I when leaving the house automatically thrust into the pocket of her favorite soap-box-camera. When you have at hand is a device enabling to take some pictures, then you start snapping everything. This time was not an exception, although I started making pictures only on the third day after the surgery, so briefly explain everything that preceded the time when I began again to move independently in space.

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1. How did classic start reporting from hangers)) This is my department in a small locker in the room, the place is small, but it is not a hotel who call in with a pile of luggage, enough for several changes of underwear and T-shirts, soap-rylnoe is which attach those things where you come from the street. Free safety deposit box was a nice surprise. Unkempt abandoned shirts justify my condition, to bend at least a little, I could not for a long time, therefore, to absolve themselves of things precisely thrown on the shelf.

2. Write'll everything in detail, and I will write about the good and the bad will be lots and lots of letters.

In order, I was appointed on March 6 at 8:00 am to come right into the room, and the surgery was scheduled for March 11. After collecting bag, a little teased Irinka (it's better to annoy than experiencing, upset), leaving it to the farm with a bunch of ts.u. time was nearly taken his brother to the hospital.

First, it was necessary to contact the service, a small desk at the entrance to the police station where I was immediately pleased by the fact that I'm likely to go home tonight, is it predstatsionar, that is me today examined and if I do not have chronic or of any diseases ekspromntnyh and I do not need podshamanivat before surgery, then I will go to the evening domoy.Nas those wishing to go under the knife was a few people, all sent to a special waiting room with uncomfortable chairs and a single, even more uncomfortable bench. And then during the day called on the various surveys and paperwork. All this time, had to sit on a normal chair or move from one floor to yourself. Through the wall of the "waiting room" is "room" in which we could afford to make tea, coffee, take out the machine water with gas and without, eat jam, butter, honey with crackers or snacks or apples, it's all for free and without restrictions. When it was time for lunch, the patients in the department, we also brought a tray with lunch.

For 16 hours, we've got three of them, one man was taken to a room, and after 20 minutes was driven past us already in operation (lucky), someone to go home early, someone put in the House, and the three of us were expecting last conversation with the doctor before that I personally would have three conversations with three different doctors. By this time I was already all purple, I could be cut without anesthetic, and I would not have felt nearly eight o'clock hard chairs and numerous walking made me a walking zombie who has one goal, to go somewhere. Just before that, the same doctors forbade me to go almost completely and as little as possible to sit, and then staged a marathon.

But everything comes to an end, and I was called for an interview, I was lucky, remained another woman who tried to lie down on the bench, but she did not succeed, too narrow shop was.

Doctors have long threatened consequences I gave a lot of documents to sign with them listed in the possible risks for which they are not responsible after I sign the papers. Do not sign those papers you do not operate, just such an alternative.

Then he gave a twist in the hands of those glands that are going to introduce me and cheers in the last minute of our get-togethers finally found the source of all my problems. Then cheerfully assured that now is precisely the last operation on my spine, here they are cut off, then grind, posverlyat in this and this place, here a hard-boiled, and it will be removed, and instead put them in this part here. Then I was sent home with instructions to return to them or on Sunday March 10 to 18:00 March 11 either but at 6:30 am, I chose the first option.

On Sunday resuming list ts.u. Irinka for taking unpacked suitcase and laptop, went to settle for an unknown period of breech bed. Terms of hospital stay were very vague from two weeks to several months, to predict the outcome of the operation, no one could. From my communication with local doctors, I already knew that they try as much as possible the negative poured on the patient, then it becomes more manageable, and in the case of a successful outcome are very grateful, and in case of errors or failures you can always say, "We warned!" . Similar thoughts were voiced by the rest of the patients, a woman who remained after me in the "waiting room," said after the first conversation with the doctor, "If I'm so describe everything that can happen to me before, I would not come to here, but just gradually dying to home ».

On Sunday evening, the separation seemed idyllic, almost empty corridors, a couple of visitors strolling along the corridor with sick relatives, occasional moans of the chambers and a single nurse, moving from ward to ward the recruiting calls and lights above the entrance to the House of lights.

Define me into the ward at No. 13, I do not suffer prejudice, even would not pay attention to it, but the neighbors I immediately recalled that many hotels do not have rooms with this number.

3. The Chamber for three, located very well at the end of the corridor passes by very few people, bypassing the food and we were among the first.

More on the way to the House tried to give me dinner, but I refused surgery tomorrow, worthless tripe stuffing. The neighbors were two pensioners, a German and a Pole, they were ready to be discharged. It is pleasant dedulki just terribly snored at night and getting up each time the toilet. turn on the lights at the bed and over the front door, and as I went to bed right at the entrance and opposite the door to the bathroom, I'm in those brief moments when they could sleep wake of glaring light and slamming doors.

In the morning, as usual, there was not given, was sent to the showers, forced to dress baby's undershirt that behind is not fastened (remember in this Anthony Hopkins, one of the films, starred his fifth point), gauze underwear and special socks, stockings had to be lit up of the extract. Then he gave a calming pills and a quarter to ten in the morning was taken to my own bed in the operating room. The preoperative approached by turns doctors and nurses, were represented by their names and positions, they told their duties during the operation, I swam a little, by the time the catheter was inserted and I started to dig some solution. Then he was asked to move yourself on the operating table, and as soon as I lay down on it - immediately put on face mask with anesthesia, so I administered anesthesia for the first time, before everything through solutions and injections. In my opinion I lasted ten seconds, only managed to respond positively to the question: "Do you feel the changes in the environment?».

Were there any dreams or delusions I do not know, was the direct transfer from the mask to the slopes of the three parties and the question: "Do you all right?". What caused the wave of unbridled joy. I managed to capture the look of the bundle of tubes of plastic bags hanging over my head which left me under the covers, a bunch of wires coming out from under the blankets to some devices with a screen on the forearm just started to tighten cuff automatic tonometer. In the neighborhood there were several beds, which in varying degrees of adequacy were patients of different sex and age with the same as me, the number of hoses and tubes. A clock on the wall showed 6:15 and I was hoping that it is not in the morning. And yet, and the angle from which I saw leaning over me the doctors. kinoshtampovym was right, a little distorted light haze person leaning over the camera, and the sound was quite common.

I assured that I'm a hero, and I can go home right now. asked for a drink, dry trees was like a camel-alcoholic coming for a couple of weeks of the liquids was using all this time only vodka. In the water, they refused - said early, refused to pee, too: "You have a catheter moves all by itself", waste it itself, but desires were normal and all the time wanted to hold back.

They asked me to move the legs, then hands, everyone, including me, were happy, everything functioned normally. Then there was the hour and a half lying in the recovery room. After a while I began to feel pain in the abdomen and back, cut here and there, and then in the lips and nose. Lips hurt a little bit so far, been much swollen and the skin peeled off from them completely, so that the first couple of days I could not afford to drink hot tea, and in the nose until the return to the House of pesky tube sticking with oxygen.

The chamber was returning from a demobilization mood suitable to the door of his home, the neighbors gave me a noisy ovation joined by a couple of nurses and the patient is at this moment in the hallway, but there was no color.

I sleep that night somehow failed. First, the pain, it is in spite of the pain killers that I dripped further and worked hard every couple of hours and did not want to take the position and movement of each of the smallest bite into me, especially in the stomach. Secondly, a dropper, put the tube interferes with normal hand. Third, lying all the time in the same position, on the back and the whole body numb creepy, right around midnight I tried to turn on his side, but I ochkanul at the first movements of crazy twisted pain and lay on his back. Fourth, in the left hand protruded five catheters and they were all firmly attached with several layers of plaster, hand robbed me probably more during the surgery and I dreamed that soon the morning came, the morning promised all catheters are removed and the free hand (the hand retreated two more day). Fifth, in addition to snoring neighbors, every hour a nurse came to check on me?

In the early morning of the eighth to the Chamber entered a new nurse with a big truck, it was a detour, there is no compulsory bypass doctors. Every day comes a nurse interested in the problems, measures the pressure, temperature and distributes medications a day, injections, changing bandages, helping to dress and makes permanent mark in the history of the disease, and the doctor comes only out of necessity, if he sees the records that not all the manner and within the first day after surgery.

Nurse freed me from all the needles, plasters and dinner promised to release from the catheter into the bladder, and yet I still can not get up.

Then came a doctor who was a major at the time of my surgery, said that everything went well and they were able to do two operations at once in a row, the body broke down, it would otherwise have a few days to do one more. Now I'm stuffed with iron, and I will ring the passage control at the airport, but I did not magnets on the trailer, the metal is not magnetic. And gave me a special ausvays stating that I have built, how many and what size it should always carry with them, all of a sudden something happens to me, the doctors need to know that I have implants, and most importantly show in front in the metal detector.

A couple of hours finally removed the last of the urinary catheter, I was immediately drawn to communicate with faience other without intermediaries, it turned out that I have is still sticking out of the back and the two tubes at the end of which two decent bottle. This is called drainage and I need him to go for three days, all the while through the tubes is aspirated sanies very uncomfortable thing. When you lie on your back in the places of escape presses when you get up you need hands to drag the bottle, when you lie down, you must first straighten the hose and put the bottles on either side of the bed and constantly feel inside foreign bodies, it is probably purely psychological factor.

The first time up very scared, I remember how it was after previous operations, the next time when rising pain several times less, was rising in stages. First, pull up and put your feet up on the bed, bending at the knees, and now rest against them, and to feel his hands on the right stands the bed while resting his legs and pulling his arms, cursing and swallowing snot tears turns to the side, a nurse there, but only helps councils to study need to . To lie down, rest, align breath now gently descends feet on the floor, lay back, he rested his hands rests on the mattress and pushing him gently (this is important) translate into a vertical state body - I sit !!! Again, a smoke, his breath, chased away the veil from his eyes, rests on the edge of the bed with his hands and pushing to become a half-bent position, then slowly, with sobs, straightened. And when restores normal heartbeat and breathing, you can try to walk, the main thing is not to hurry up and forget about the normal steps, just small steps.

Everything went well, I went alone to the toilet and returned to the bed, had to lie to posleobeda until it is a physical therapist. At this time, written German neighbor and another neighbor has agreed to a medic, I was taken for a seat by the window, away from the entrance.

Pictured in the foreground is a bed in the place where I spent the first two nights, but left to my bed by the window.

4. While I was transported by the House, on the front door imported new neighbor. Ordinary grandfather-German, so that national structure has not changed: Russian, Polish, German. True brand new impression completely lost in the insanity and sclerosis. It is about something animatedly talking to himself, random answering questions of staff, or simply ignored them. But as soon as his phone rang, he immediately became very intelligibly communicate with the interlocutor. So it was all the time while he stayed with us in the House, complete blackout of reality until the do not call or come by relatives or friends, and with them, talked like a normal person.

As I wrote, I was transported to "trump" window seat, bed noutom on the table and at the feet of the trolley.

5. On the bed will dwell. Firstly, for each bed, bedside table supplied with height-adjustable hinged cover, trolley on wheels and easy to move. Immediately designated phone number, optional you can get a local number to call, and receive calls charged at standard rates. The small screen is - a TV, headphones attached to it without headphones watching TV is prohibited. I did not use any telephone, no TV, carried a mobile phone and a laptop, wi-fi in the room was decent, it cost 2, 50 per day, or 15 to 50 per week, the first day I took the day and on the second day postoperative week connected.

6. On the bed handy remote control, you can arrange with complete comfort in a convenient position for you. The more actively and I enjoyed after mastered all the wisdom of management structure. By the way I was lucky, the bed was of the latest models, working almost silently, and I instead of the night tossing and turning painful place to strain yourself, click on the button brings itself in a comfortable position with the help of the miracle of technology and without disturbing sleeping neighbors. But my grandfather brought back to us on the third day, the bed worked loud as the elevator in the tower block.

7. Since the bed of the said will continue to tour the ward. On the wall in the bathroom hanging disposable gloves in three sizes and disinfectant liquid hand. Doctors and nurses on full automatic use these attributes always. If you are going to hold some sort of procedure to the patient, then immediately put on the gloves, and then threw them in the trash and then disinfect their hands. If you just entered a room, talked without touching either before that, when the output is also required to disinfect their hands. Right on the wall can be seen a small guard, going to the ward nurse immediately pressed the button there in the corridor at the entrance to the House of flame lights up in green, and it meant that the ward can not go to outsiders, while the rest of the staff knew where to look colleague. There's also a built-in speaker and staff to talk to each other from the different chambers. If the other chamber someone presses the call button personnel, to the ward where this point was the staff started beeping speaker and displayed on the display room number and the number of beds from which is fed a signal (provided that they do not forget to click on the button at the entrance) . There, on the panel the control panel all the lights in the room, you can adjust and brightness of each bulb.












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