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Almost every second person born in the Soviet Union when he heard about the distributions of the dropper exclaims: "Well, yes, I know, and I was so!».

For example, the deputy chief physician at the medical unit of a hospital (of which there are many in our country) still keeps a memory of those times when the hospitals could easily obtain from the nurse used a drip. Colored plastic "gold fish" was donated to her patients in the era of her internship at the regional hospital. Trailed everywhere - in children's hospitals, and in adults, and recumbent and walking, and even in hell narkodispansere wove (perhaps even from nature).

But Vasily era hospital fashion Weaving recalls with a special feeling.

 - When I was 12, I was in the hospital. It was on August 31 and the next day I tearfully looked out the window of the ward as my peers are going to learn, - says Basil. - I also had to stay in hospital for seven months already: I ​​was diagnosed with a blood disorder, almost cancer. At the hospital, it was boring, painful. What to do? Now I do not remember who taught me to weave toys droppers. One of the boys, the neighbors in the ward. Toys in the children's department wove everything.

Basil says, the excess of free time provoked passion - to bring their skills to perfection.

"Pletuny" droppers arranged for the hunt. Used dropper begged nurses, exchanged his comrades, for they gave even chocolates. Droppers were washed under running water, cut off the tip and they package and get to work.

From transparent, flexible plastic tube wove Musketeers, hell (version Musketeers, as amended), octopus, fish, and even braid the rods and the resulting solid, as if cast, ribbed handle. Write these pens were not very comfortable, but the kind of liked.

 - Sometimes I go home for the weekend and I braided handles all droppers in our apartment. It was very nice. The parents were not opposed, because, as they say, the child would not play, if only not to hang, - said Vasily. - They are very experienced, and then suffered for me. During the time that I was in the hospital, our ward died six children. The ward for girls lay my classmate with the same diagnosis, and she, too, died. I still remember when in our next ward or was removed from the bed linen and exposes old, all stained mattress, which meant that another patient died.

Craving for weaving even led the boys to the hospital trash, which also was full droppers. Thoroughly washed, they also went into action. Indian dropper valued above domestic, because they had a soft spray, which is cutting, you could get a cloak for the future of Musketeers.

The tubes were painted with iodine and brilliant green, plunging into a little dye and chasing it up and down, holding both ends. All the walls in the chambers were splashed with patches of dye: master inadvertently "blew" him out of the tubes.

 - Then we discovered a method of staining the ink tube from a pen. It turns out very good colors - red, purple, blue ... - said Vasily.

In order to create a true masterpiece, needed nail clippers. Their sharp, short and straight blade cut along the tube, give a wide ribbon or dissolve in the long, narrow "spaghetti».

 - After all, the main thing that fish? Tail! - Basil explains. - Narezhesh subtly whole pile of slips tonyusenkoy - tail will lush, beautiful! And from the ball dispenser made from plastic fish eyes. And out of the needle from the dropper musketeer parked on the side of the sword. By the way, devils and fish at that time had a large demand from motorists, they hung a mirror in the car. I remember these toys are even sold in the local automotive market.

Ivanenko Vasily saved from death in Moscow, in the Department of Pediatrics Hematology Institute of the USSR. In its 12 years of hormone treatment weigh under 80 kilograms.

 - I'm in a Moscow hospital with his art soon became famous. There's no one on this and not heard! - Continues Basil. - The guys much older than I went to learn to weave handicrafts. I was proud, I felt an innovator and a universal favorite. I told everyone how to weave a square pole, but as a - a round, and that is required, weaving a body, remember at what stage are inserted into arms and legs, and even if you forget, it will be a marriage, it only emission. All professors in the metropolitan hospital I gave the toy, they were very happy.

Basil says this ability to keep for life, and now, after more than 30 years, can weave any masterpiece. About a year ago, he remembered his childhood, just a couple of hours woven of two new droppers goldfish niece.

Now the hospital applied creativity using a dropper gone. Firstly, there was a set of devices that help children and adults to escape from the boredom of hospital - iPhones, iPads and more. And, secondly, to control the IV used in hospital are now practically impossible.

 - If I see a patient in the hands of a drip, I will do everything possible to immediately take it away from him, because for me this can not simply punish, but also to the work of fire - secretly tells the nurse of a hospital. - Even if he bought a brand new IV and decided to weave something out of it - doctors did not prove! All the same, the punishment will fall on the heads of junior medical staff.

According to current rules used droppers are subject to mandatory recycling. After use they are soaked in a disinfectant solution, and then sent to waste.

Although weaving is now reborn in a new form: in the shops sold products for creativity sets of colored plastic strips. Scourge - I do not want, and nobody will punish. But this will agree, is not the same ...



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