If you do not teach a child to love books, I love it "Idioteku"

Publisher OIG and the advertising agency Leo Burnett Moscow jointly developed and carried out the campaign "Children's reading." The project was created as a response to the negative trend of our time - the children do not read books. For Russia, which is already painful to part with the status of the most reading country in the world, this is a serious problema.Chtoby recall situation, OGI publishing (producing a series of children's books), and the agency Leo Burnett Moscow created "Readings on extracurricular reading for parents who are too lazy to teach children to read the books ┬╗.

To support anthology Leo Burnett Moscow has come up with an unusual campaign for city streets. Volunteers OIG and Leo Burnett pasting on buildings and structures Stickers Arrow, who pay attention to "masterpieces" Street of folk art and, at the same time, remind parents that they do not teach a child to love books, then that is all that they will be read. In addition, the project created online banners.

Reader impassive catalog it collected and systematized by such traditional literary trends and genres like realism, romanticism, avant-garde, science fiction, detective, etc. folk art - posters, ads, signs, signs, signs on the streets and indoors.

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Section "Realism┬╗.






"Foreign literature┬╗

Reader refers to the parents in a joking manner, but offers to think about the serious problem - if you do not teach a child to read the book, his reading will be limited only works, it represented.

The first reader was presented to the public at the third Moscow International Book Festival, where books were distributed to all parents nebezuchastnym. It is available to everyone on the project page on the site OIG.
It is a social event that makes enthusiasts. If you care what your children are reading, obraschatsya at Leo Burnett Moscow, take a sticker and stick it near the line, you do not want to hear from your child, or place a banner on your website. And, of course, read the book with your child!

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