Copywriter catch, but not to kill. Russian advertising agencies tired of talent shortage

In the course are quite risky methods of attracting personnel. Leo Burnett calls for work male and female slaves, and Euro RSCG Moradpour copywriters promises not to kill.

«Wanted slaves» - the inscription on the new promotional poster of the Moscow branch of the international network advertising agency Leo Burnett Michael Kudashkin and Ilya Oleneva

The poster was unveiled at the annual awards ceremony of the Russian Art Directors Club ADC , after which he appeared for professional sites. The opinions expressed by visitors of these resources vary - from elation to anger and rejection.

"I have a feeling that this is more of self-promotion. I think the authors motivated by a desire to show their originality, "- said president and managing creative director of BBDO Moscow Igor Lutz
Each advertising agency, their methods of recruitment, says CEO and Executive Creative Director of the agency McCann Erickson Alexander Alexeyev
To respect the identity

Leo Burnett advertising campaign does not agree with the principles of the founder of the international network, says Valery Isupov , one of the creators of the Russian office of Leo Burnett, currently chief financial officer of advertising agency Euro RSCG Moradpour. "This poster - he says - is done without any respect for the people. It would not like Leo Burnett ».

In a speech December 1, 1967 at the Chicago office of the company, Burnett asked to remove his name from the name of the agency, when it works, "notes will sound rudeness, inappropriate or cheap attempt to be clever," and when the agency will cease to "respect the person - whether the man behind the typewriter or the drawing board, the person with the camera, or just someone who takes notes one of our black pencil or overnight lint on media plan ».

However, the poster was rated 5 on a scale of 5 to 7+ last meeting of Global product committee, commended the work carried out by all agencies of the international network, says Kudashkin.

Varied reaction to the poster - this is exactly the effect that tried to achieve in Leo Burnett. "This kind of tuning fork - we just need people who understand it correctly," - says Kudashkin. The authors wanted to create a poster image of a company that is not afraid to take risks and that's really hard work, he said. «The work in the agency - a kind of masochism: 80% of the time we are working in a table» , - says Kudashkin. The idea advertiser changes at all stages of the process, each brings to it something of their own - photographer, designer, creative director, finally, the customer. To operate effectively in the agency, people need humility and a sense of humor, he said.

What are good aliens

Sense of humor and humility - are not the only qualities that are experiencing a shortage in the advertising industry. "Find good people it is very difficult - says Catherine Krasulina , creative director Euro RSCG Moradpour
Staff turnover in the creative department of an advertising agency McCann Erickson as high as 40% a year, says his personnel director Julia Borisova
One possible solution - to retrain people. "Before, we did douchivaniem after hiring, and often the people left us at this stage - said Lutz. - Now we have created a school young creatives , which help young people to become specialists ready to work in the agency. " Now it is preparing the second edition of young specialists - 50 persons, two of whom are already working at the agency, and four - on probation. Students work in this collection agencies Leo Burnett and "Native speech».

School of Art Directors McCann Erickson to open this summer. "During the three summer months, several students of art schools and young designers will be an intensive vocational training and the best students will be enrolled in the state in the position of artistic director" - promises Alekseev McCann Erickson.

Another option - look for talent abroad
Invitation foreigners - not a panacea, Krasulina objects. "For foreigners kopirayterskoy work, even well know Russian language, not appropriate - to build a multi-valued phrases invent neologisms, you must be a native speaker", - she says. Even as an art director foreigner is not very effective - they have a different mentality, they are not ready to create publicity for domestic consumers, according Krasulina of Euro RSCG Moradpour.

copywriters do not kill

Eighteen months ago, the agency placed in the specialized media poster with a portrait of Alexander Pushkin and the text: "The last case of the murder of a French citizen of the Russian copywriter occurred 168 years ago." The hidden meaning of the message was well understood by the market: the agency founder Edward Moradpur - Frenchman. "Of course, after the appearance of the advertising copywriters do not have to send your resume in batches, - says Krasulina. - But we have created the image of the agency, and now interviews candidates often say they want to work with us because they know that we have a very peaceful, friendly atmosphere ».

Advertising segment of the Russian recruitment market is very unusual, says Head of "recruitment and HR consulting for advertising and media markets," the agency "Contact» Julia Poltaratskaya
For Candidates important image of the agency, its clients and specific professionals who work there, Lutz agrees. "Interesting and powerful people want to work together with interesting and strong people" - he says.

That is why advertising agencies are beginning to build its relations with the market with image advertising, not so much to report on specific job openings as demonstrating the quality of the agency, its originality and boldness. «< Creative companies are making efforts to attract targeted people, building its image and communication in the labor market , - says director of business development consulting company PersonnelCare Gregory Kegeles
 - < The pace of wage growth in the advertising industry

According to the agency "Contact", from March 2005 to October 2006 salaries copywriters grew by 34%, art directors - 22% of directors on strategic planning - 29% of directors to work with clients - 22% and managers to work with clients - only 12%.

Information agency "Contact" provided 17 advertising agencies, where 390 employees were interviewed.

Alexander Ostrogorsky

Source: Vedomosti



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