Honda believes that people are really good

Honda and Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam are launching a campaign to promote the car Honda Insight Hybrid. This integrated campaign - the first work of the Amsterdam branch of W + K to one of the key customers of the London agency network that works with the Honda 8 years. This is the first work in a series of planned campaigns based on new environment-friendly brand platform and on the approval of the campaign "all men are in essence good."

Campaign «Everyone Wants to Be Good» («Everybody wants to be good") will be launched in April in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Russia in April.

Chris Brown, Head of Marketing for Honda Motor Europe: «We want to become the most valued and beloved company in the world, and in order to achieve this, we need to have a favorite brand and communications across our region. This is a continuation of our journey to the goal. "

Executive Creative Director Jeff Kling: «People want to be good, and when they are given a chance, they will choose the good. HOnda gives people a chance to be good, creating a low-cost hybrid ".

60-second TV spot, shot by Erik van Wyk and prodakshenom Bouffant, the audience is the world's largest LED screen, which shows a simple animated images that reflect the most important word of the campaign - "Good." Winking smiley, hugs and kisses, gloomy faces, smiles bloom.

Over time, the viewer begins to realize that it's not just LED screen with primitive pictures - hundreds and hundreds of cars Honda Insight Hybrid, flashing headlights at night. The video ends with the dawn and logo «Honda Eco».

Executive Creative Director John Norman: «The first time we went to the site to see whether it is possible to do all this with these machines. It was just amazing to see what has been done, studied and counted to create a real car light show. The distance to the camera, lens types, even the weight of the camera, all affect each other and everything else. It was a gorgeous inspirational process. "

But in the end, despite the fact that the team found out that the idea logistically feasible, the agency is to think about the harm that would be caused to the environment of such a large-scale shooting. Not that he would have been very large, but since the brand platform is, you have to follow it around. As a result, it was decided to combine the software for 3D modellingu Houdini, a small amount of the actual car Honda Insight and hundreds of lights from the Insight. Everything was interconnected, and custom-written software has created two separate half animations that have been linked to the post-production.

In addition to the TV spots, the campaign also involved in print, outdoor and digital.

Download video clip or view a list of the creative team.

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