Honda at the Tokyo Motor Show (Tokyo Motor Show 2011)

Leading Japanese automakers so tried to demonstrate their novelties, we had to share an overview of the auto show in several parts. And rightly so, probably, will split coverage by brand.

The first is in the "collection" Japanese steel from Honda. One of the most striking and elegant exhibits at the pavilion was the concept of the new hybrid Honda AC-X (Advanced Cruiser-X). Concept is equipped with the engine capacity of 1, 6 liters, as well as two electric motors, which are able to move the car to a distance of 50 kilometers. Maximum speed AC-X is 100 km / h. Charging is carried out by a conventional power grid.

The second concept - a relative of the first in terms of charging method (also from the mains). But the power plant at the Honda EV-STER works exclusively on electricity. Before you real roadster that runs on electricity. Up to 100 km / h concept car can accelerate in 5 seconds. Battery will last for 160 kilometers. This is the same number that indicates the limit speed of a novelty.

Last four-one for today - an old friend of the new Honda N Concept 4. Two years ago, the Japanese were the second version of this urban cars. This year's show a fourth modified and promise to set up production in the next year. Technical information is practically no, but rumors that under the hood is the engine capacity of 0, 66 liters.

Now go to the tricycle premieres - E-Canopy. This is a fantasy on the theme of constructors Honda vehicles over short distances. Three-wheeled scooter could come not only the average user but also the offices involved in the delivery.

The last highlight of today will be the concept of sports elektrobayka Honda RC-E. The manufacturer promises the unique specifications but yet for some reason, does not want to report them. The only thing that is obvious, the bike is based on the chassis analogs of 250 cubic meters. cm.


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