Kick fate

Familiar nice, sort of a genius engineer, built the boat. Himself designed, he built - handsome, in general.
Plus another flavor added adrenaline - chair catapult. Glorious is the armchair. Who metnet 3 meters. Who to 4. Depending on the weight of the hurlled carcass. Flies with Oromo people, who still manages to spin flip. A lot of fun and excitement.
And once the team is selected on the next sortie. Composition of several advanced - to the three male sex friends added maiden World. Nicknamed "the witch." We must say at once nickname was derived solely internal, spiritual, so to speak, of quality. Appearance - even on the cover. Plus about a fourth the size of the main body. And one friend, Valerie, for example, is very unevenly to the breathing of the girl, she looked at him - pointedly - zero attention.
Arriving on a deserted island company, put cutter anchored. Then guys are going to play volleyball, and the girl is placed in said seat sunbathing. For greater effect sunbath adopted fuels & ss. For this very reason, the guys play not quite work. Especially love Valera - who generally refuses to get on the ball.
Yet somehow the game is underway. And then there was a click. It ought to be noted that the chair, of course, for security reasons, it is equipped with handbrake. But in the search for the most spectacular light posture, turning in his chair, he managed to withdraw from the fuse. And she went to take off. A sort of Ride of the Valkyries. Well, what to say. Squeal in horror films - ringing silence compared to solo issued.
But Valerie was on the alert. Having elusive quick step, he managed to so accurately calculate all of that when the light fell on him, his head was exactly opposite her c & di. So they collapsed.
When the girl, sitting up, he sat on it in Camas & ryachey pose Valera with a beatific smile Schwartz of "Twins" and only managed to say:
 - This is what I dreamed of all my life.
Who is the Light at the 4th month. Soon the wedding.
Sometimes you need to give life some kick.


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