Kinoprogulka with the "brothers"

I remember a long time ago on TV very often showed the film "Brother" by Alexei Balabanov Sergei Bodrov and Viktor Sukhorukov in the lead roles. Then I had never been to St. Petersburg and took the city exclusively for the picture from the movie. Autumn, light sepia film ... What a Black dog Petersburg, painted in shades of gray despair, Russian noir. I will not say it was a good movie or bad in terms of plot, I was terribly interested in the atmosphere of the film and the city. I wanted to touch his hands these walls, feel the cold wind from the Neva River, walk through the places. In general, the main characters of the film for me was not Danila Bagrov, and Peter himself. I do not know, there is this kind of its strange, incomprehensible to many romantic.

So, in the style of cinematic journey "it was / was" the places of the film "Brother", filmed in 1997. Another fad on my list I have done - to visit the places of filming "Brothers", found those same angles and scenes.

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3. At the beginning of the film Danila Bagrov comes from a small town to St. Petersburg to his older brother. He walks down the middle, admiring the local beauty and periodically tries to call a hero Victor Sukhorukov. The first picture as you can see - Quay Griboyedov Canal and Kazansky Cathedral. Here's our character walks on Million street, crossing Winter Canal near the Hermitage.

4. And this is a modern look.

5. Continue to walk along the Moika River near Pushkin Museum.

6. Judging by some of the machines on the waterfront - the time has not changed much

7. Then Daniel goes in the direction of St. Isaac's Cathedral.

8. Window guards remained the same.

9. The Bronze Horseman protagonist seems a little lost - surprised looks around, as if he knows where to go further.

10. The rider in autumn 2011. ...

11. Tired of prospecting and thoroughly zamёrznuv, Daniel sits down on a stone bench at the Trinity Bridge ...

12. I have always, by the way, I thought that this place from the Palace Embankment - and it turned out exactly the same bench is located on the Petrograd side. It turns out the hero moved to the other side of the Neva.

13. Not finding his brother, Daniel spends the night in the attic of a house, but in the morning met with the Germans at the St. Andrew's trading in the market on Vasilevsky Island. The market, unfortunately, completely rebuilt, so I was not able to find the exact angle. Skipping these episodes - The German leads the hero to the Smolensk Lutheran cemetery for a "visit."

14. Bridge over the river Smolenka and the very pinnacle at home.

15. "arbor" sit the same homeless himself German.

16. Arbour I found at once. From the entrance - it is on the right side in the bush, you have to pass 100-200 meters. Despite the fact that the cemetery was restored this fall - are still well ruin everything. But she also visited besёdka someone - lie inside the bottle / jar.

17. In general, half of the film was shot on Vasilyevsky Island. Here, Danila Bagrov puts in place Caucasians who do not want to pay for travel on the tram. The stage itself takes place at the intersection of Avenue Small VO and 8th line.

18. Tramways now dismantled, but the background of the church still stands.

19. Transported through the center on Kirochnaya street, 8. Daniel tries to find the drive goes to the Nautilus and music stores. Here in the basement was once a club, which is owned by Oleg Garkusha of "Auction".

20. Who is the place of informal gatherings of young people hardly know - plitochki, gazonchik. True store still seems valid.

21. So, Daniel still finds his brother, who gives him money to rent a room. The hero looks different options and one of the options apartments again returns it to Vasilevsky Island.

22. The place is located on the waterfront Novosmolenskaya, very close to the Gulf of Finland. By the way, appears in the film several times - the latest stage in a character assassination killer Sergei Bodrov.

23. Finding housing, Daniel receives an order from his brother - to kill Chechena that keeps the market. Hero thoroughly preparing for the event, exploring space departing the scene, wears inconspicuous clothes.

24. Find a place had to be pretty! Analyzing the next scene with a tram and I think Andrew's hearty and markets, as well as Apraksin Dvor. And it was very close by - at Haymarket. In the 2000s, it was completely reconstructed. In place of the natural market poyaviltsya shopping mall and indoor stalls. Himself wild market has shifted into the interior of the quarter. However, the view I still find - on the firewall at number 4 on the Moscow prospectus.

25. Chechena shot himself, Daniel escapes from his pursuers through a courtyard, a well.

26. In this yard, I finally found, bound biggest blooper in the movie. The market is on one bank of the Neva, and the yard - on the other, on Vasilyevsky Island! Between them on the map - nearly 3 km.

27. Bandits run into the same yard and hurt Danilo pistol.

28. Yes, he is the yard between Tuchkov and Volkhov lane.

29. Another movement in space and wounded hero runs out of court in the most different ranks of the street, located on the Petrograd side. Here, he jumps into the tram, going to the park.

30. Who are some terribly lively place when compared with the frame of the movie. Finding your way you can, perhaps, only by the yellow-red buildings and trees.

31. After recovering from an injury, the hero meets and has an affair with a girl who is the driver of the tram.

32. The cargo tram in the previous frame was traveling along the embankment Lieutenant Schmidt. Rails is currently dismantled.

33. Tram moved to the other side through the Annunciation bridge. In the background - the dome of St. Isaac's Cathedral.

34. Modern look.

35. Having dealt in the end with all the bandits, Danila Bagrov comes back to the Smolensk cemetery to say goodbye to the Germans.

36. In the film, the characters are sitting on a bench in front of a farewell, and there is a heartbreaking melody background Nautilus - "The Beast." Before us shop is not reached, there was only a cemetery fence.

37. At the end of the film Bagrov says goodbye to the city, standing at the water's edge at the arrow of Vasilevsky Island.

38. This completes the cinematic journey and my on the grounds of one of St. Petersburg's most atmospheric films. EVERYTHING!



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