We had to immediately do so)))

In Sochi on Wednesday to watch that show how many days are left before the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games of 2014, there were indications of dollars. "Hooligans appreciated Olympic spending," said maks-portal.ru. With the printed labels days changed for billions Watches - millions and minutes - in the thousands of dollars. In the end, it turned out that before the Olympics left to spend $ 100 billion.

Author jokes quickly found - the chief editor of BlogSochi.ru Alexander shafts in its online edition has admitted that he is "a little decorated Olympic clock at the Naval Station" folk "logos and adjusted the dial a bit." "Now it counts how many dollars left in the budget to the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Winter Games 2014 in Sochi," - said the journalist, meaning they arranged fun.

Indeed, in addition to the guidance for dollars, the clock appeared pictures with mascots, the participants proposed the national contest for the best logo of Sochi. In particular, the gross image placed on the clock toads zoich established employee "Lebedev Studio" Yegor Zhgun and saw a picture symbolizing the "cut Olympic budget».

As I noted with satisfaction that the author of the joke, the transformation hours passers-liked, they actively began to be photographed against the background of the dial. "And I thought, thoughtful, which is good ...", - said Alexander shafts. According maks-portal.ru, a couple of photos on the memory and the police did, and then removed the plate, returning hours a familiar look.



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