7 extreme methods of weight loss (7 photos)

How can you lose weight.

The injection of urine

It consists in the daily injections of urine.

Englishwoman Cheryl Palonen thus lost about 20 kg of weight and lost in the volume of more than 76 centimeters in five months. These rapidly lady start to lose weight since both decided on their own experience to experience so unusual weight loss program. Moreover, when this method is applied exclusively urine of pregnant women. Cheryl makes daily injections of the substance.

Iris McCarthy, a consultant company that offers such unusual weight loss program, explained that in the urine of pregnant women, there is a special hormone that promotes weight loss. It is called human chorionic gonadotropin. The effect of its action is based on the creation of the illusion of the body for pregnancy. According to clinical studies, hCG activates metabolic processes in the body and greatly increases the metabolism.

Sex 7 times a day

The heaviest woman in the world burns 500 calories while having sex with her ex-husband. Pollin Potter 47-year-old was brought in last year in the Guinness Book of Records as the heaviest woman in the world. At that time, her weight is 700 pounds, which is approximately equal to 317 kilograms. However, she managed to lose over the year about 45 kilograms due to renew its relationship with ex-husband Alex. After a brief marriage, which lasted three years, in 2008 the couple divorced. However, the tender feelings erupted again when Alex learned that his ex-wife was the record holder of Guinness.

Pauline Potter says that intense sex life with her ex-husband Alex helped her lose 44 kilograms. "I can not move much in bed, - he told Paulina - but I burn 500 calories at a time lovemaking. This is an excellent exercise that activates all muscle groups. " A woman in such an unusual way hopes to achieve with the help of Alex its desired goal - weight of 241 kilograms.

The couple has sex seven times a day. But Alex, who weighs just 64 kilograms, in the bedroom have to take most of the work. Poor thing ...

Installing drip nose

Many took this method is quite dangerous and risky, when it was first proposed by US doctors. However, time has shown high efficiency drip more and more people opt on such an extraordinary way to lose weight, which provides a sharp and rapid weight loss.

Method is to install a dropper into the nasal cavity, one end of which ends just in the esophagus. Food enters the body through the nose via a tube droppers.

The author of this unique process is a doctor from Florida Oliver Di Pietro, who sees in enteral feeding in which the products are introduced into the body through a special probe, a panacea for many diseases. On the assurances of the doctor, with the help of a tube in the nose, literally anyone can lose up to 9 kilograms to 10 days.

Through an IV into the patient in small portions regularly introduced nutrient mixture of proteins, fats and water, the energy value of which is 800 calories. A few hours after the commencement of the process starts ketosis, in which the body begins to burn fat hard because of the lack of carbohydrates in the mixture. Fat is burned, and the amount of muscle and body fluids remain unchanged.

Those who decide to resort to such an amazing way, be prepared - 10 days in a crumb of food will not fall in your mouth, but nutrient mixture through the nose. Capacity with a liquid nutrient have carried around everywhere, as the mixture should be administered strictly according to schedule.

The game of paintball

Forget the diet and corrective underwear. A fun game of paintball helps you to quickly and effectively burn calories.

The British company UK Paintball invites everyone to the first world class paintball fitness for dieters. During the game, people who want to be in shape, it is proposed to avoid the ingress of colored balls that shoot their customer employees. These classes are designed for people who are obese. Game mode is made by experienced professionals so as to achieve maximum weight loss.

The course is designed for 10 weeks, and the cost is £ 199 per person. During a paintball burns 800 to 1,000 calories. The company ensures that the playground from three to four professional shooters, and the number of shots to secure areas is minimized. It provides all the active members of the group throughout the entire lesson.

Illusion belt on the stomach

Gastric restrictive belt performs the task and set around a patient's stomach. A man with such a device will reach satiety, so the volume and value of the portions of energy is significantly reduced. In one comment the food patients eat smaller portions and lose weight without experiencing hunger. Set a gastric belt through surgery and thus are various side effects.

A revolutionary new idea is to hypnotic suggestion obese patients thought that they set such a gastric belt. Marion Corns has been subjected to such a procedure, during a session to enhance the effect of the room was filled with the smells of specific hospital. Later housewife claimed that he remembers even the sound of wheels rolling hospital, ringing the surgeon's knife, and the smell of anesthesia. For four months she was able to lose weight with a size 22 to 14. Every week it loses about 4 kilograms.

The patch on the tongue

If you have tried every diet, but you can not lose weight, cosmetic surgeon from California Nikolai Chugai he knows how to fix things. He developed a new medical procedure to help lose weight, making the process of eating in a very painful event.

Medical treatment consists of sewing a small piece of plastic mesh on the tongue of the patient. Because of her swallow and chew solid foods become very painful and people willy-nilly, moves to a low-calorie, liquid diet.

More than 60 people have resorted to such an unusual procedure. They tried all the diets and could not bring himself to lose weight. And with the help of a small piece of plastic the size of a postage stamp each patient per month, on average lost about 10 kilograms.

Week at a height of 8700 ft

Want to lose weight, eating whatever they want, and not engaging in this debilitating exercise? No, it is not spam, and online advertising - it is real science! All you need to do is to live as high as possible above sea level.

20 middle-aged men who are overweight and lead sedentary lifestyles, lived in the house for a week at the height of 8700 feet above sea level on Mount Zugspitze in Germany. However, they continued to eat all they wanted and did not do any exercise, except leisurely strolls. During the week a "mountain life" patients lost an average of 3 kg and a month after the "descent from the mountains," they still lost weight by 2 kg. Scientists say at high altitude people need fewer calories and therefore eat less without feeling hungry at the same time. Studies have shown that levels of leptin, a hormone of satiety, increased during his stay in the mountains, but the hunger hormone content remained unchanged.

Altitude weight loss strategy may be viable. Although, to settle at an altitude of permanent residence is still not worth it, because after 6 months, the body adapts to the "altitude" of life and begins to work as usual. Therefore, the most optimal, according to German scientists are regularly climbs into the mountains for one week with small intervals.


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