Association between Ukraine and EU

Greetings, dear users, I'm from Ukraine, or more precisely from Odessa, currently in the country once again national unrest, many call it mass hysteria, because of the economic situation in the country, according to media reports, in Kiev on "Evromaydane" gathered more than 100 thousands of members of the European integration of Ukraine in Kiev held a mass protest against the failure of the signing of the 29 November EU-Ukraine Association, as Yanukovych has made it clear that the planned EU summit in Vilnius contract will not be signed ...
Ask to express in this respect his opinion, only a big request, the type of comments; Ukrainians on the fat, smelly Bendera, etc. and etc. do not write request in the case of one who sees this situation as the root, and Precisely what will happen to Ukraine in association with the EU, and on the other hand, in a customs union with Russia ???
Let me explain why I created this post, many shouting one thing, much more, for someone who is against it, but 90% did not understand the situation, and as the saying goes blindly support a common kipish, for the sake of kipisha, and for the next splash blunt emotions. Thank U.



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