Sveta arrived!

There is a type of people - a walking accident. Natural disaster. Sveta was just one of those. That is, for all its beauty, grooming and communication skills managed to find adventure on their second 90 literally out of the blue. Anyway, she was a regular at the trauma center, including on the South Coast, where their company was chosen savages every summer.
That morning there was some special and nothing special is not foreshadowed. People are gradually waking up and yawning, went out of the tents. Woke up and Sveta. Crawled out of their habitation and yielding herd reflex, tried to yawn. The first phase was successful. Jaw went down. But the return movement was not followed. With easy snap down in the bottom position, back jaw did not want to go back. At first, this caused quite a lively reaction in others. But when it became clear that spontaneously mouth is closed, it was no laughing matter. Collected a consultation. Someone remembered reduce a jaw "interns." Two fingers, pull down sharply ... In general, whether cheating in the series, or sequence of actions has been broken, but Svetochka moaned in pain and jaw remained in place. Ran through the tent encampments in search of doctors. Gathered. Decided to drive into the city. As before reduction is needed, as it turned out, anesthesia. What is the one with a no carries. Just advise close face with a scarf. In the opened Svetochka utterly glazenki freezes question: "Why?" - "And to the flies did not fly," - answered.
And here comes to the emergency room delegation - ahead of Light in a makeshift burqa and her two friends, both in love Kunakov horseman followed. Dagger at his belt is not enough.
Well, because, as mentioned in the beginning of the story, the company had a rest here more than a year, the light in this department knew. As a frequenter.
And here comes the surgeon looks round the picturesque group and, clasping his hands theatrically, issue:
-Svetochka! I knew you would not fail me!
As it turned out, he had big bet with a colleague that during July Svetochka necessarily come to visit them in the office.


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