Mila Kunis Makeup

Milena Markovna, namely the so-call dignify Mila Kunis Hollywood actress, has always stood out among the Hollywood starlets, because it is not only Ukrainian, but also a girl with a big heart. Mila is deservedly called one of the most beautiful actresses of our time, because it remarkable figure, excellent hair and strange eyes of different colors (one green, and one blue). Since childhood, Mila wanted to become an actress, as early as 9 years of age she entered the evening acting classes (2 years later after her family moved from Ukraine to Los Angeles). Almost all childhood Mila teased because of her big eyes and lips, but now all those who mocked beauty can only fiercely jealous of Milena. I still remember Kunis in the film Gia, so despite the fact a charming woman she became, I can not help thinking about how fast time flies.
And when I learned that the actress met with Macaulay Culkin ("Home Alone" 1, 2) I was in the lung confused (never would have thought that a girl is 8 years old to live with a man like him). But it's not about how bad Macaulay, but about what beauty Mila. She knows how to emphasize the beauty of her face with makeup, which we consider very minute.

1. There is a mile is something mysterious, something that makes her look at again and again. If I were seasoned web bitch, I would say that Milan - it is usual, unremarkable girl, but since I'm not that, I really like Mila. Delusional to say that Mila unearthly beauty, but the fact that it is impossible to deny the very addictive. The lady in red is lovely and her make-up simply dazzling. Something similar to the lovely Natalie Portman, classic features and natural modesty, is likely to combine these actresses for me.

2. I had not paid attention to eye color Mila, but it's different, like Kate Bosworth. It is so unusual, for example, I never saw neither men nor women with eyes. The truth is I do not know it's rare or not. Golden makeup very well with Mila's hair color, but the taste in clothes Mila no.

3. Notice the asymmetry of the nose? I yes. Apparently Mila is so confident that the plastic it to anything. Good for you, what else to say. Excellent emphasizing the eye make-up in a golden hue - pet Mila. I dare say that not for nothing - make it suitable for 100%.

4. Years so tsat Mila added using the service (this time "bear") stylist. The image does not paint Kunis, it seems to me that it is clearly not for her. For its 27 years, she looks at least 32.

5. What is it beautiful and sincere smile! I'm right I feel that it is a very happy man. Makeup could be perfect, but it spoils lubricate the tone on the forehead.

6. Wow her ears! Reminiscent of a hero out of a Soviet cartoon, whose ears were together almost locators. It seems to me that these ears it does not spoil, everything seems to be normal (and sometimes worse). Face Tone perfectly matched to the skin, so it looks very impressive. I would place Mila corrected the eyebrows and makeup in shades of silver has taken note.

7. Here the edge look better. Mila double standard - a make or "gold" or mejk "silver", the third is rarely given. I like that it emphasizes the lovely eyes, because they are her magnificent beauty.

8. Quiet, gentle and concise manner, and, of course, make-up. Still, I see Mila in another role, so this simple and sweet guise of actress I do not like ... And hair Mile better to paint in one color, preferably darker.

9. As if just from the shooting of the film, it was too disheveled appearance Mila. Again, the actress opted for the golden shadows that were very becoming.

10. Something of the country of origin on the upper lip Mila spoils everything. I do not even guess what it could be (could Sprinkling sugar on cake (?)), But too conspicuous. Even an open neckline and pretty make-up is not eclipsed by the white spot.

11. The image of a "Golden Globe" is banal, the battalion of stars in the green on the event fun. The makeup Mila all the same color, but lipstick this time a little brighter. I do not know about you, but to me this output Kunis did not like.

12. That's what I blow! All packings styling! Mila incredibly chic in a white trouser suit (unfortunately not visible in the photo) and make-up is beyond praise. I love when the girls eye color exactly (thinly applied to encircle the eye shadows and light range).

13. hair matted photos, in any volume here and does not smell (although Mile are very voluminous hairstyles) and makeup too much ... For a young and beautiful girl is unforgivable to hide their charm under the layer "of plasterĀ».

14. Makeup awesome! Golden shade perfectly isolated green eye color of the actress, but her hair again lie as if they licked the elephant.

15. The image with the "Oscar" is incredible! It is evident that over the makeup pored half an hour and I think not even an hour, as all cosmetics applied without the slightest blemish. Photo little bad (his eyes turned as in Chinese (I do not want to hurt their feelings, but Mile narrow eyes do not go)), and earrings look like cheap costume jewelry. But again, that in general, the image of a good standard.


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