Hollywood baby boom 2014

Become fathers and mothers, following the example of Bruce Willis and Ciara, this year preparing many stars. 2014 will be a happy one for many people: try on the role of parents decided to Scarlett Johansson, Mila Kunis, Doutzen Kroes, Olivia Wilde, Kelly Clarkson ... and even Johnny Depp, according to the walking is now rumored to be a father again.

1. Johnny Depp and Amber Heard

In early April, the network has stirred up a lot of information: 27-year-old Johnny Depp bride is pregnant! At least, so says former lover Amber Heard, actor Mark Vystrach. Here is what he said in an interview to the American magazine:

She was pregnant! I saw her three weeks ago. Amber and I went many years ago, but still remain close friends.
Lovers do not comment on this information and actively preparing for his wedding, which will take place in the summer on an island of the actor. Nevertheless, on April 8 at one of the talk shows actor said:

I already have a son and daughter - 14-year-old Rose and 11-year-old Jack, but I would have hundreds of would not mind ...
Just Depp quietly commented on his wedding ring, which, in the opinion of many more to come Amber:

Why are you surprised? It's great to wear women's ring! I like.

2. Kelly Clarkson and Brandon Blackstock

Less than a month after the wedding, and in late 2013 Kelly happily share the secret with the world news:

I'm waiting for the baby! We are incredibly happy with Brandon! It is the best gift for Christmas, even this early.
Already this year, 32-year-old singer has become a mother, and gave to his longtime boyfriend's daughter. The fact that it will be a girl, the singer announced long before the information was confirmed by a doctor. Kelly argued that just feels it, and when the doctor agreed with her happily reported:

We just learned that we have a daughter. I knew it! Only girls can cause this morning vomiting.

3. Doutzen Kroes and Sanner James

Top model Doutzen Kroes she announced her pregnancy, laying in instagram photos with cheerful signature that she has been "6 months pregnant with a girl." Recall that the rumors about the interesting position Victoria's Secret angel walked into the network since February. For happy couples it will be a second child, they are now raising a son Fillon and look forward to a daughter who is to be born in mid-July.

4. Robbie Williams and Ayda Field

Famous pop singer seems finally decided to become an exemplary family man: for his wife's pregnancy, he said on a personal Twitter page, and now vengeance is enjoying a happy future role of the father. Who does not remember the couple were married in 2010 and a daughter Theodora safely. In his interview with Robbie now happily he says that family life is beneficial to his way of life and makes it even better. So, we say goodbye to a known bully and get used to the new Robbie Williams - an exemplary father and husband.

4. Scarlett Johansson and Roman Doriak

It's only been a couple of years from a day of exploring this spectacular pair, and in the summer of 2014 the actress is going to give birth to their first child bohemian husband. Then megavazhnogo events in their lives, the couple is going to a wedding, the exact date and place of which is not yet known. However, a happy actress and the French journalist is not up to it - they try to spend much time together and anxiously awaiting replenishment.

What is still a beautiful couple ...

5. Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher

This Hollywood couple have long tried to hide their relationship, until recently, refused to comment on the interesting position Mila ... but all the secret sooner or later becomes clear and when to hide the pregnancy was difficult, Mila Kunis decided to tell the public about everything. Recently, she performed on the show Ellen DeGeneres, having painted in colors as she carries the pregnancy and now lives like Ashton Kutcher.

Happy actress laughingly told how caring Ashton scored all refrigerator the most delicious food for her now: pickles, ice cream and spicy fish. Mom-and open up about the upcoming birth and said that he wanted to have the most natural way, without unnecessary medical interventions. The child's sex couple actively hiding, but already people are talking about, that it will be a girl. And even the parents admitted that they have already chosen a name for the crumbs. For a couple it would be the first child, though Ashton Kutcher already has some experience of raising children. Science communication with children, he studied when in a relationship with Demi Moore and was involved in the education of the daughters of ex-wife.


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