Romance Polish cinema

For some reason Polish films are especially romantic, anguished feelings and emotions, and some piercingly touching idea. That's kind of the same things that everyone, and take the soul and does not let go. And best of all, almost all of them are about love: sensual and unhappy, tender and bright.

Witch, 1982

With this two-part film began acquaintance with the Polish cinema. This movie always brings tears to the eyes, although the plot seems to be quite banal. A young woman leaves her husband, a doctor with his little daughter in his arms Marys. She is terminally ill and did not want to disturb her husband, who loves her madly. And he prefers that he hated her. But the grief gets drunk and loses his memory, beaten by thieves out of the tavern, he begins to wander, become a famous healer ... Father and daughter meet with the touching and dramatic circumstances. The fall in love with a rich pan Marys, against his will, his parents married. Jealous fan cripple Marys. And then ... And then look, you will not regret.

In the role of Marysia: Anna Dymna

Director: Jerzy Hoffman

Leper, 1976

The second cult film Hoffman. One of the main roles, the same smoky, however, no longer plays a poor woman, and extravagant Rich Girl. Also very talented, even stervochki like. The film is based on the eponymous book by Helena Mniszek, but the adaptation of a literary work dwarfs. Beautiful and tender love story Bezrodnaya girl Stephanie, staged at the service of the rich Pan Popovskikh to become governess to his daughter Lucia. The story is complemented intrigue: the young man's grandfather had once loved grandmother Stephanie, and this unhappy love awakens in older men the desire to help a young couple. All other mind begins baiting Stephanie, she falls ill and dies of grief. The film is also pretty much takes the soul.

Director: Jerzy Hoffman

Shaman, 1996

But this film - a real abyss of passions and sensations. Incredibly talented actress Iwona Petry plays a young girl who is obsessed with sensations. Colorful, addictive movie with beautiful musical frame. Scenes of love (especially the final, not even going to tell, but it is definitely not for the faint of heart!) Is impressive and go directly to the soul. Confused and strange, mesmerizing and shocking film. In this incredibly beautiful, finely vulgar, passionate romantic. But surprisingly gentle. Lovers of strong sensations wholeheartedly recommend. With what to compare? Perhaps with "9 ½ Weeks" just yet juicy. In the role of the protagonist, a university professor (profession else picked up some symbolic!) Boguslaw Linda, Polish Bruce Willis, a bald hunk macho. Moreover, several subsequent films will also be with his participation. Incidentally, in the shooting of the film was attended not only Poles, but also the French and the Swiss, so the film is different from a purely Polish his languid ambiguous subtext.

Director: Andrew Zulawski

The guard for the daughter and Sarah, 1997

The plot is painfully reminiscent of the screenplay "Leon". And the name of the protagonist as well. But the ending is different and removed ... th-th-th is removed, comrades! Little girl falls in love with his guard Leon (Boguslaw Linda), and her Daddy-mafia does not even know about the relationship and the daughter of Leon. Passionate, elegant, full of youthful energy dance of love. Impressive! See after the movie "Leon" with Luc Besson in the title role. It is to leave a pleasant aftertaste of hope and tickling the nostrils tearful happiness.

Director: Maciej Shlesitski

Loneliness in the network in 2006

Probably just lazy at the time did not discuss the film, comparing it with the dull depressive contemporary prose, the new trend in cinema. In fact static Polish film industry was reflected in the project. Melodic and melodious bunch of events, fragile face, smooth music. In general, fans of the genre as such should be like. And also recommend downloading the same torrent full version without translation. It added up to 20 minutes cut from the film (translated into Russian) personnel. Beautiful, elegant and quite complementary. The film is about how the two met alone with the sick souls, and have not been able to solve its internal problems. And could this be love ...

Director: Witold Adamek

Quo Vadis («Quo Vadis") 2001

Historical film with Bohuslav starring Linda. The script of the film is created by the book of the Polish writer Henryk Sienkiewicz's "Quo Vadis." In order to immediately catch your attention, I will say that it is almost a biographical account of the life of Nero, who lived on the territory of modern Rome.

The man who fed the voluptuous living people to the lions (yes, to have fun, the book is very detailed), burned the town to commemorate the memory of himself, and the blame fell to the Christians who are persecuted. According to tradition, the apostle Peter had left the city and met Jesus and asked him, "Where are you going (Quo Vadis)?" Jesus said that if all Christians destroyed, it is sent to Rome to be crucified. Peter returned to Rome and was martyred. I recommend to read the book and then watch the movie. By the way, very easy to read, it should be noted.

Director: Jerzy Kawalerowicz

Pianist 2002

A film about the Second World War of 1941-1945. The pianist Wladyslaw Szpilman remained in the territory occupied by the Nazis. Jewish, Szpilman miraculously saved from administration in a concentration camp. Wander through the ruins of his native city, where permeated his music, he helps the German occupier. Very sad, but life-affirming film based on a real biography of a real person.

Director: Roman Polanski

Remember my name 1974

A film about the camp, which is unfortunate mother, separated from her son. Only many years later they are able to learn about each other. I warn you, the film is heavy, she watch it a second time will not. But in order to feel the milestones of our history, it is worth watching.

Director: Sergei Kolosov Joint production in Poland and the Soviet Union.

An old tradition: when the sun was a god 2003

Drama and fantasy, an allusion to the ancient beliefs and pagan rituals of the Slavs, wizards and warriors, and, of course, love. Incredible movie appealing to authenticity, though like and fiction. It lifted our Russian actress Marina Aleksandrova, which in this role is very organic. Playing a witch. Dramatic, beautifully designed and passionately naturalistic film. With poisonings, realistic cult rituals, revels, wars, ancient paraphernalia, colorful costumes and the make-up of actors. Wow!

Director: Jerzy Hoffman

Little Moscow, 2008

Another real evidence that our Polish film actors look like something else, deeper, or what? Starring Svetlana Hodchenkova that become familiar in Russia, and many do not like because of the rather scanty roles. But in this film, she glowed all the facets of his talent. Of course, here the main leitmotif of the script is a love story, a father, a military officer tells his daughter.

Director: Waldemar Kshistek

In this world of Polish films only reveals her veil. The Poles know how to naturally and easily storylines weave into the fabric of a beautiful and very realistic game. And then, they are attractive in appearance, with the return play their role, which is simply impossible to break away. Mystically deep movies. And if you have not erased the Polish dialogues with their soft guttural aspiration, if not sheer pleasure. Happy viewing!


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