Dave Gahan: man, crying in which half of the world ...

We always tend to assert that the years of merciless hounding us with their wrinkles, cellulite and other women "joy" to our soft spot. There is a saying: that the pope later all wrinkles, so let's think of it as this place! GGG) No, joking aside girls, because today we'll talk about a man who is used to change the world around them, and attract crowds of fans. Even before I was born, he conquered his excellent timbre and musical talent, and now took my heart forever ... Yes, it's Dave Gahan and his band "Depeche Mode". No, it is strongly similar to the cute youngsters present with inflated muscles and angelic face, but still more courageous than all of them put together. After reading his biography, we find a lot of bad. I thought once again how much he tried to commit suicide by cutting the veins poison yourself alcohol and drugs, and still survived, survived the world to prove their worth and strength.

She did post about Dita ... perfect doll ... but love for her - it's admiration for the beauty, at once, his every fan knows - Dave is not perfect (in this it all), but it gives strength to get up, get up from the bottom and do something for the world ... I'm personally very grateful to him for that. Then - a few pictures and videos of his last ... I hope you like it;)


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