Behind the scenes with Lacombe

Want to see how to actually removed a movie? I invite you behind the scenes visit to the US-French photographer Brigitte Lacombe, which has more than 35 years and takes celebrities process of shooting a movie.

The first set is dedicated to Leonardo DiCaprio. If my memory serves me - this is set to film "Revolutionary Road" seems to "The Departed" (there may be wrong). The hard work of one of the best actors of the century. Pay attention to what everyone focused and serious. It makes a great movie.

Kate Winslet during the filming. Here it is good. Although - how many people are helping to maintain this beauty.

By the way, it says that Kate divorced her husband director Sam Mendes. At the same time, and DiCaprio announced the end of his romance with actress Rebecca Hall. The tabloids will not even guess what it would be, and just write: "Kate loved Leo for a long time, and in the end it destroyed the sense of her relationship with Sam. They are constantly talking on the phone, and she shares with them all. My husband felt her closeness to Leo and eventually questioned their marriage. They both realized that they need other people, and it is clear, except for Leo because no one can understand it ... "Really," the most romantic kinoduet "will be the" most family kinoduetom »?

Al Pacino corrects the face before going to the site.

But because the actors spend their free time, while the operator to adjust the light.

Working moments filming. Intimate conversations

Abandoned rooms that people either just left here, either now come.

Trying on costumes that always customize the figure.

The crane, which helps to remove from a height.

Another fitting, interesting.

And this rain. Actors get wet and hidden camera. And rightly so - it is expensive and does not dry, and the boys - put.

Filming a scene - touches the microphones in the frame.

A camera in the frame - it's all great!

Kids Games tired pretenders.

More conversations. But it is not just talk, and explain the meaning of the scene. That's how he is born, meaning Warrior!

On the set of "Natural Born Killers". Also all gloomy. While on the other side - war is war.

And the last set: Jude Law poses in between filming. Deep in the role, full of significance. The whole world is always full of significance. For this, we love him.


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