A la Marilyn Monroe

Almost half a century ago, died the most famous blonde Marilyn Monroe. This blonde beauty became a symbol of inspiration for many people, including, and stars. This image is tried on stars such as Paris Hilton, Scarlett Johansson, Jessica Simpson and many others. One way this goes very, and others better find something of their own.
Let's see who copied this luxurious beauty of the most successful.

This actress plays the role of Marilyn Monroe in the movie "Seven days and nights with Marilyn Monroe," which will be released in 2012. I do not know how anyone, but personally I think that Michelle Williams is too heavy facial features. Marilyn are more subtle. But perhaps the play of the actress will eclipse everything.

Paris Hilton this image makes a gentle, but at the same time podchёrkivet her sunken eyes. I do not like.

Scarlett Johansson just awesome looking. This image she really goes.

Charlize Theron is also a success this way.

Though Anna Nicole Smith and blond curly hair and lipstick rich red hue. -That Is why it does not fit with the image of Marilyn. What's missing from this model.

Though Britney Spears and is not similar to Marilyn Monroe. It looks quite attractive and sexy.

This pretty Gwen Stefani I like very much.

Jessica Simpson in the room repeated the cover of Esquire magazine, which edition was published in 1965. In her well-known art director George Louis portrayed Italian actress (Marilyn and double Morneau) Virna Lisi, shaving cream on his face. If you remove the cream and add the red lipstick, it will be very good. But then it will not be a copy of the cover 1965.

I think this spoils the image of Kylie Minogue. It somehow reminds me a vampire.

Christina Aguilera looks very good. I like it.

I think Lindsay Lohan is terrible. Marilyn is such a sweet and smiling. And Lindsay Lohan is a bit like Lady Gaga.

Well, where do without Madonna. This singer is often copies of Marilyn Monroe. I do not know how good she is at it. But I think it does not spoil.


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