Ed Fayngersh

1955 became blonde of all time, a year of change. Marilyn then for the sake of New York left the Hollywood hills and severed all ties with the film studio Twentieth Century Fox, ceasing to be "just a dumb blonde." Thus becoming the present apostate world of Hollywood '50s. And she Monroe at the same time with the photographer Milton H. Greene formed his own production company and settled in the hotel "Ambassador". And in the same 1955 a New York photographer Ed Fayngersh creates an amazing series of black-and-white portraits of the famous film star. Within one week Fayngersh just walked behind Marilyn literally on his heels. Wherever there was an actress - for lunch, shopping or dress up - all those moments recorded on film.

Fayngersh not interested in creating another illusion around big name stars, and he managed to create nothing superfluous. In his pictures, you can see all that is chic, vibrant and sexy blonde, but at the same time very fragile, vulnerable and unhappy with themselves periodically, most ordinary woman. Here Marilyn reading a newspaper, but a dress in a hotel room, or corrects make-up, and then looks luxurious on the theatrical premiere, but already walking around Manhattan, Monroe down in the subway, trying to stay not learn, and New York, as if permits do it is.

Ed Fayngersh flatly refused to allow his imagery to crop. Since its grainy photos of Marilyn became one of the most realistic images of her, but she remained with the Monroe incredibly beautiful.


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