Facts about the movie Some Like It Hot

'54 Passed since the big screen July 15 1959 came the famous comedy "Some Like It Hot" (or "Some Like It Hot"). Not long ago, the American Film Institute with the help of the survey figured out what viewers consider the best comedy in the history of cinema. So, the first place with an impressive margin took this beautiful and very funny movie. This significant date suggest that recall the most interesting facts and rare photos from the shooting of the legendary paintings.

1. The script was not ready to start filming. He was finishing for the whole film-making process.

2. For the first time a funny story of two men-musicians called "Fanfare of Love," filmed in 1935 in France. The success of this film was so great that in 1951 already released his first remake in Germany. Hollywood, too, decided not to miss the moment and develop this theme is hot. And there was «Some like it hot».

3. Wilder for a long time persuaded Monroe to star in this film. Only later he found out that remember more than two words of text, Marilyn was not always able to, but it was too late.

4. At the time of filming, Monroe was pregnant. Therefore, in the comedy she fairly rounded shape.

5. Marilyn was late almost every day on the set, and sometimes even refused to come out of the dressing room. Much of the dialogue the actress could tell just by reading them in the text.

6. To remove a scene where the heroine of Monroe says, "It's me, darling," had to make as many as 47 doubles, as the actress is constantly uttered the phrase wrong: or "Darling, it's me" or "This, Darling, I am." < br />

7. And in the scene when Darling, rummaging in a drawer, asked: "Where is Bourbon?" - Monroe for 58 takes to say, "Where is the bottle?", "Where's the whiskey?" Or even "Where Bonbon?". At the 59th take, she finally said all right, but ... with his back to the camera.

8. All of these sufferings as a result of the director added another one: Monroe very upset and began to cry after every unsuccessful double. So she had to re-apply makeup.

9. Billy Wilder originally wanted the role of Jerry Daphne Frank Sinatra. But he refused. Then the role of Jerry and Joe had offered Danny Kay and Bob Hope. How does the director still chose Lemmon and Curtis - is shrouded in mystery, so we should thank Providence itself for the fact that Daphne - it Lemmon and Curtis - is Josephine, and nothing else.

10. The very first female fitting outfits Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis decided to just walk around the studio Goldwyn Mayer, in order to check how they will be for women. For a complete purity of the experiment and the actors looked at the ladies' room, and none of those present did not notice there'll catch.

11. To teach Curtis and Lemmon well walk on his heels to the shooting invited professional dancers transvestite. Only after the first week of classes Lemmon refused employment with him, explaining that he did not want the film to go if he were a woman and wants to walk like a man who has to walk like a woman - it is so much funnier.

12. The scene of the film, when the Lemmon-Daphne comes home after a night out with maracas with tango was so incredibly funny that she even had to change a little. Because the specially invited audience at a preview laughed so loud that, apart from the first words of Josephine and Daphne, they are not heard anything. Wilder then added to the stage dance steps with maracas at Daphne - only to pause between replicas of the characters gave the audience time otsmeyavshis.

13. For the original title of the film was used a quote from a famous children's song "Hot oatmeal with peas": "Someone who likes it hot, others - cold, someone - a nine in a pot." And in one of the dialogues, this quote is: the words Junior that he prefers classic hot jazz, Darling said: & quot; Some like it hot & quot ;. Working title of the painting is sounded - "Not tonight, Josephine».

14. After the preview of comedy producers said Wilder cut the film because, in their view, a good comedy should last no more than one and a half hours. But the director eventually cut one scene lasting 15 seconds.

15. Soviet censors cut as much as 25 minutes - almost all kisses Darling and other scenes


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