UFO House in Taiwan

weird and wonderful town of San Zhi in Taiwan is an abandoned resort. Houses in this city shaped like a flying saucer, so they called homes UFOs. City was purchased as a resort for American servicemen serving in East Asia. The original idea of ​​the construction of these houses belonged to the owner of the company Sanjhih Township plastics manufacturing Co. Mr. Yu-Chou. The first license for construction was issued in 1978. Design of houses designed by the architect Matti Suuronen. But in 1980, the construction was stopped when Yu-Chou declared himself bankrupt. When the company went bankrupt, the construction project was stopped. All the efforts to resume the work nor to no avail. During construction, there have been several serious accidents due to the allegedly disturbed the spirit of the mythical Chinese dragon (as claimed superstitious people). Many believed that the place is inhabited by ghosts. As a result, the settlement was abandoned and soon became known as a city-prizrakom.

1. The Orange House UFOs. San Zhi was abandoned two years after construction began, and stood for 28 years so when it was decided to snesti.

2. Yellow House. This legendary ghost town located in the San Zhi.Taypey City, Tayvan.

3. General basseyn.

4. Due to its unusual architecture and the reputation of a ghost town, his fame spread quickly, and the city began to attract tourists, but continued razrushatsya.

5. House of UFOs began to build in 1978. An unusual complex was conceived as a resort for American servicemen who were stationed in Eastern Azii.

6. Reflection in a broken okne.

7. The project was abandoned in 1980 due to financial losses, lack of investment and a large number of deaths during construction. One day during the construction was damaged statue of a Chinese dragon, are nearby. After that dramatically increased the number of deaths in construction, like the beginning of the Chinese shrine mstit.

8. Despite the fact that the city was never build, over time, he still appeared on the tourist map. People are attracted by its unusual architecture and otherworldly appearance vid.

9. In this picturesque location shooting took place repeatedly channel MTV.

10. The view from the roof zdaniy.

11. Destruction iznutri.

12. Legend has it that the resort was doomed due to the fact that the expansion of the access road during construction was damaged sculpture Chinese dragon.

13. According to another version, in all the ghosts were to blame: the historians found that this place was once the old mass grave Dutch soldiers that appeared after the Netherlands made Taiwan their colony in 1624 godu.

14. Place for landing alien visitors? 61,538,509

15. Curious people traveling along the north shore between Tamsui and Keelungom, House UFO group appear bizarre, brightly colored, dilapidated buildings that were supposed to be a holiday village. But the government has decided to Taipei about their snose.

16. Prior to be carried, the place is often chosen by photographers because of the unusual atmosphere and a beautiful coastline.

17. Often, it was rumored that many people have seen ghosts near the complex or, on the adjacent roads is a big number of unexplained traffic proisshestviy.

18. One of the developers of the project homes UFOs said that there were many rumors about the presence of ghosts at the construction site. According to him, all this was lozhyu.

19. also been rumors that the beginning of construction work at the site was discovered more than 20,000 skeletons of men, which were the victims of ubiystv.

20. Traditionally, the construction business is necessary to pay homage to the spirits before they start working at the new location. Stories with ghosts do not have anything to do otnosheniya.

21. Beautiful okeanskie.

22. Red zakat.

23. Lake Powell and southwest Kolorado.

24. Type okeana.

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