Groups of human blood


University of Vermont made a sensational statement. Scientists have discovered that in nature 4 blood groups, as is commonly believed, in fact, there are six. Researchers at the University have identified two groups that received the names and Junior Langerays. As the head of the group that conducted the study, Brian Ballif problem with incompatible blood carriers of blood group is rare. However, nevertheless, there are at risk having an ethnic characteristic component. It follows the occurrence of difficulties in blood transfusions, as well as during Rhesus conflict during pregnancy, due to the incompatibility of mother and ploda.ca964e2815.jpg

Blood Junior rhesus negative - about 50 thousand Japanese. It is worth noting that opened new blood because of the method of mass spektometrii. Using it on the surface of red blood cells showed proteins ABCB6 and ABCG2. These transport proteins are involved in the transfer and withdrawal of substances from the cells, can determine the blood group by types Langerays and Junior. Until that time science has known only 30 proteins responsible for blood group. Now to the list were added two more. New proteins are linked, in addition, even with the body's resistance to the effects of anticancer drugs. According to scientists, this discovery will improve the technology to treat cancer. And the experts have identified the antigens of the blood group data 10 years ago. Only now they were able to understand their genetic basis. Ballif believes that this is not the end, and naturally there is still 10-15 blood groups, which are still unknown to science. See also: blood group affects sexuality. 26 facts about the human body. Seven rules that will live up to 100 years.



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