Caesar Salad Recipe:

1 chicken breast
1 bunch romaine lettuce
4 pieces of ciabatta
Caesar dressing
parmesan cheese
garlic croutons
olive oil 50 mlanchousy 5 gkapersy ggorchitsa 10 1/2 hours. l.yaichny yolk 1 lemon sht.sok 1 hour. l.uksus white wine 1/2 hours. l.syr parmezansol and pepper to taste
Method of preparation:
In a bowl, mix a small amount of vegetable oil 1 clove minced garlic and dried basil.
Chicken breast wash, dry. Salt and pepper and place in marinade - to lie down for 30 minutes.
Then fry and cut into thin slices.
Prepare the croutons. With pieces of ciabatta remove the crust, cut into cubes. Season with salt.
Season with croutons crushed garlic and olive oil.
Roast toast on a dry frying pan or bake in the oven until golden brown.
In a bowl pour the olive oil, add egg yolk.
Put gorchitsu.Vlit uksus.Dobavit anchousy.Vylozhit shredded finely chopped lemon kapersy.Vylozhit chesnok.Dobavit sok.Vylozhit grated parmezan.Vse how to mix.
Lettuce rinse and dry. Then break your hands into small pieces, remove the core. Put in misku.Listya salad dressing to fill Tsezar.Dobavit toast (some leave for decoration) .Vylozhit grated syr.Akkuratno mix and put on a plate.
Garnish with lettuce pieces of chicken, slices of cheese and garlic croutons.


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