Fantastically soft meat on skewers in half an hour!

3 Ways

1.Retsept very easy-to-2kg meat 1 large or 2 kiwi malenkih.Spelye razmanaem hands and mix with the meat, and hard kiwi cut into small pieces, too, mix with meat.
Spices and onions, as usual lyubite.myaso always becomes soft in just half an hour !!!

2.Granat 2 pieces (preferably pomegranate juice namely grenades) or a glass of juice, 2/3 cup dry red wine (about 150 mg), onions (a lot) - is about 4 kg of meat. Once the salt is not added as meat juice will give, and it is necessary to preserve the juice. Leave for 10-12 hours (I left for the night, but will stay longer if the meat - do not worry), about an hour for 1, 5, before going to fry - add salt and mix.
Another "secret" when you start to "fry" ... first myasko meat on a skewer (or grid) to seal the fire, ie on an open fire podezhrat little, just a few seconds. Meat instantly covered with a crust and juice stays inside. And then do the usual kebab ...

3.zaleyte meat heavily carbonated mineral water and under oppression for 2hours, then drain the remaining mineral add all the spices and mix with mayonnaise or sour cream to someone like that and leave it for 10-15 minutes and fry. any tough meat is tender.


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