Nikolai Kozlov: Why I don't eat meat

Why I don't eat meat? Yeah, I try not to eat meat and think that others should do it less often. I hope I will not be categorical in this matter, as a nutritionist are not and, moreover, I know many intelligent people who believe in the benefits of meat-eating.

Probably, individual characteristics need to be considered here: as there are different breeds of dogs and is, apparently, a different breed of people. To each his own, including your diet. But if you are interested in my position and why I chose it — I its position is described.

From this my position? I read different authors and realized that they each argue with each. Well: where they argue among themselves, I left them arguing the authors and allowed myself to choose as I want. But if the majority of the authors agree, where they dare not to argue, I said, perhaps it is worth taking.

Regarding meat, the position of the majority of the authors position General: it is not obvious that it is not worth it at all, but to limit the consumption of meat definitely worth it.

Well, good: it means that it is possible to take, not particularly understanding.

If to understand, for me it seems quite convincing some circumstances.

History question: who are we by nature?

Who was the man originally, tribal affiliation: carnivorous predator or herbivore Givataim? If you look at the structure of teeth, stomach and length of intestine, he had enough combined design, the experts on this issue, even argue, but rather am inclined to think that neither the one nor the other. Most likely, he was frugivorous, i.e. eat the fruit, maybe grains, and if eating meat, then not to a large extent.

Well, he ate the fruits varied, but soon it ended: she had a cold, the ice age began. And before mankind, then not very numerous, stood a curious problem: to die or permanently, because the fruit will not live, or something in life, something radically change.

The meat was a good way out: afterburner power, and if I ate meat, I now have the same power increases. Another thing, it will benefit only situational, because in afterburner any motor working though and more powerful, but wears out faster.

However, the story of the people don't care: Yes, you will die faster, but this time will have time to spawn others, they too will not live long, but are born the following... For a particular person's death, and in General for humanity — winning option, and that those tribes that switched to meat, and you survived.

But should you so brace yourself today to quickly die tomorrow?


Head was thinking, and then we ate meatballs

For physical energy the meat well, but the head after the meat want to sleep: meat indigestible product, and in order to help the blood move from the head to the stomach. After that, the stomach begins to digest, but the head, feeling disoriented. Accordingly if you sit listlessly in the city, eat fatty sausages and drink this broth, after each such a hearty lunch you will have a heavy head.

No psychologist in the break, the training will not feed people fatty soup, meat and other things, because then the second part of the training people will sleepily nod — checked repeatedly.

Stop eating meat — wiser.

Meat and vessels

But a heavy head is just the beginning, because clogged shit the vessels — something more serious. You may have heard: "Meat pollutes the body with toxins". I heard that too, but for a long time for me, it was completely empty phrase: what kind of "toxins", who they saw, whom they interfere — I'm fine! And then friends helped me and made xclusiv — a trip to the morgue: you know, it's impressive! The pictures in medical atlases our veins and arteries draw a nice neat tubes, and I was sure that our vessels do the same as a plastic cocktail straws in McDonald's.

No. Such vessels only in children. And you have this looks more like a pipe clogged viscous and slimy shit in the sewers like the old five-story Khrushchev. Presented? Felt? So, your blood vessels are doing the same tasty burgers and fatty sausages. Chew health!

It to be more specific: roll up your sleeves and look closely at the blue veins in the crook of hands: you do everything properly? Or somewhere already thickening appear as circles metro station on the metro lines? This — fatty plaque. A year ago, but here again — and BAM!

Sailed the plaque on the vessel, stood across the vessel, the blood is looking for an opportunity to pass by this plaque. Stretched vessel — you are lucky... Not lucky — blockage of the vessel. A blockage in the area of the brain you get a stroke, heart — attack. Simply and instantly. What do you like more?

How does the meat on your character

Supporters of kosher food tell very interesting things, very worldly obvious. They draw our attention to the fact that if it really is not to attend to any animal in the moment when it kills, it is understood.

And what is there not to understand: in the production of the calf breaks through the skull man with the axe, and cuts off the chicken head girl big scissors.

And when above your head rises an axe or hanging by their feet, watching the approaching sparkle to your neck of the knife, the blood instantly sprashivaetsya all substances that evolutionary work on two programs: to run or beat. Fear and rage: that's what happens to the body in the slaughterhouse.

Each time, before becoming dead meat, meat is still alive in full instinctively sprashivaetsya those substances, which load the meat on reactions of fear or rage. And then you eat meat. And those people who are addicted to meat, the nature of reactions are more often people who are afraid of someone and may be in connection with this, tend to beat up someone. If I want to have it in my nature? Don't want to.

Allow me to sniff you

When you go from sausages to salads, you will stop pimples, blackheads and other unnecessary decorations, plus changes breath. Yet you eat meat, you need to use deodorant to not stink. Perhaps you will find someone who doesn't care just because it smells the same, and so accustomed to, but if you want that you had a good smell, it is better to eat something else.


Meat and fish (as a simplified, weakened version of the meat) it is better to give to others. I live without them for two decades. Now I'm so weird when people eat sausages, frankfurters, wieners, cutlets: if you relax, I can watch it normally, without internal protest attitude, but it's so weird when people is put in your mouth! Probably, I about forgot something.

When and how can meat there

To exclude meat from their diet strictly? I don't think. To accustom the organism to a completely sterile food is also hardly correct, sometimes your body needs to train meat, fish and other food loads, respectively, variants in the diet can and should be.

My solution is a compromise: a daily food I go without meat and eat it only on great holidays, to please friends and relatives. Accordingly, it comes out every few months.

Remember, from Khayyam:

Wine is prohibited, but there are four but:
Where, with whom, when and how much to drink wine.
In compliance with all four conditions
All sensible wine is permitted.

Also meat: meat can be eaten if it is well cooked, drain it with all the broth (the broth just all the stuff), or as kebabs with herbs in nature, where you move a lot and are securely burned. No beer will pour, and will burn when lots of moving, running, swimming, jumping in volleyball or even walked long distances, note that you could do it, you need to be healthy, so you need to remember: "to Afford to eat meat can only be a very healthy man."

How much food a man need

How to eat? First, we need to eat less. I am very happy, that at one time practiced fasting: I'm not cured exactly because they treated actually had nothing, but felt the main thing: if I ate good, I satisfied and energized, if I didn't eat — great, that's even better, is the cleansing of the body and therapeutic for him procedure.

Only a naive person thinks that we eat because the body must eat, restoring yourself. Nope. Food for us is usually different, namely the opportunity to relax plus additional source of joy. Indeed, around the case, chores, workload, strained — wherever to get away from them? Hooray, time to eat!

Will follow him: often we're eating not from hunger, not by natural necessity to fill the vitamins, proteins and carbohydrates, for us food — a legal way to get away from work. Yes? More troubles in life — the more I want to eat. And life is beautiful, to the point of stalling — on food easily forget, and that's fine, exactly because if usually you consume a food to divide in half, that's what really your body needs.

The horror! This is what, a whole day to work?!

Eat less, and joy in life will be more.

Pros of Japanese cuisine

Japanese food is quite expensive, but consider the fact that in Japan one of the highest life expectancy. The Japanese are very smart nation, at least remember their famous saying: "Sooner we eat the pumpkin because we were poor, but now we eat the pumpkin to last longer to be rich". Rice, vegetables, fruits, herbs, and everything that gives the Japanese sea seaweed, shrimp, octopus, scallops, calamari — all delicious, and varied.

You add salt?

Your body needs salt, but add salt if you need anything: everything you need grams you get when you eat cheese, eggs, milk, bread and all other products in which salt contains a natural way. Everything else is already an excess of chloride of sodium, and what it is you face, ask the doctors.

If you want to add flavor, you can use sea salt or naturally salted seafood, or even better — to discover the natural taste of food without salt. Salt is a drug that easy to get hooked and hard to get off, but for a person who salt already hooked, unsalted fresh food objectively.

Objectively fresh! However, natural are not accustomed (or unaccustomed) to eat salt, salted food is just bitter. Objectively sad! All objectively — it all depends on your habits.

Of the sweet life

By itself, the sugar is a white powder quite fresh taste containing carbohydrates that easily processed into fats. No vitamins or other nutrients in the sugar there, and the fat with it, you gain the elementary.

Especially for a skinny — thin may also be fat and flabby, as well as full can be pumped up and vigorous, without the least bit fat.

Get that extra weight needed? I need life, I need health, and in the Sahara this life I do not see. A much wiser instead of sweet tea to drink juice, yogurt or a variety of bifidobacteria culture. For God's sake. And even better — simple clean water.

And for tea lovers, but as the end of a meal, and half an hour later. And then eaten, digest properly, and by the way, the extra break from work. Which is always nice.

Ode to a healthy lifestyle

I choose vegetarian food and seafood not from abstract humanistic considerations "Animals should not be killed because they're living beings" — ideology has nothing to do with it. I want to be cheerful, I don't wanna sleep, I don't want to be heavy, I don't want to have the carcinogens and want to live long.

I want to live cheerfully and it is. I look at people who eat fatty meat pies, drink that yellow beer and sucks in the cigarette smoke — and understand that their way is not life, but something else.


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Of course, it's not just the meat: it must be time to sleep, exercise, pour cold water, and most importantly, we must love to live! Sometimes I meet my former classmates and show them his companions: "Look, I studied with him in the same class!" People pulled faces. "He went with you? This loose, heavy, with old leather man your age?".published


Author: Nikolay Kozlov

The conversation was recorded: Abramov Dmitry




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