Here are the promised earlier article about how to properly communicate with fruktosyroedu lyudmi- nesyroedami when they ask "tricky" awkward questions.

Most importantly, it is necessary to understand that for any objection hides a hidden issue. If one argues with you, it means that he does not have enough information. Your task is by no means an argument not to join, not to defend. It is necessary to take a position in which you are an opponent of "one blood", you are colleagues, and together solve common problems.

How to do it? It's very simple! Agree with him! After all, every sport is always aggression. No "truth" is actually in dispute is born .... Born misunderstanding, mistrust and a feeling that you are on opposite sides. Each is his own opinion.

Why so? And because psychologically you give your opponent to understand that he is "not in the subject," it has enough information. In very advanced cases - it is simply stupid or "zombified")) No one wants to admit a fool, agree

? And instead, to get friendly, interested companion, and possibly in the future, and like-minded, we have one more vexed and confident in our "syroednom fanaticism" of the enemy. In this way, we will go a very long time to implement the idea of ​​universal syroednogo paradise on earth, my dear fellow))))

In fact, very simple to make so that the person took your stakeholders, ran more to read on the Web, and reacted to our way of life is at least uvazhitelno-.

I invite all to learn a very simple technique, which is called the "Circle of Concord." Looking ahead, I will say that it can be used wherever a conflict situation is planned. You can successfully build relationships with spouses, children, teschami- in-law, neighbors and so on. With a little practice and you will become a master of the art of diplomacy!

How it looks in practice: you get an objection: "Meat should be there, because that's where you want us to protein." Consent: "Yes, I totally agree with you. I too used to think so, "the word (or phrase) - a bunch of:." However, when I learned more about it, talked to people - practitioners, I changed my mind, "And actually the answer:" In fact, there are plenty of live foods. wherein the protein is not less than in meat. Protein should be only a 25-30 grams per day. Yes, and not protein, in fact, needed, and amino acids »

You see the difference? You do not argue. You kindly move on the same wavelength with his companion, calmly explain your point of view. Moreover, you even his praise for what he sets such right, the interesting questions!

Thus, the circuit: Objection - your consent - Word-ligament (gangway) - A
When you realize that the objections really are your friends, then you cease to be afraid and to avoid them. You will begin to enjoy this kind of conversation. And to your question did not look monotonous and stereotyped, it is necessary in advance to stock different versions of "consent" and "word-of ligaments." Then you pass for good, interesting conversationalist.

Examples agreed: "Absolutely agree with you", "You're absolutely right!", "Great, great question!", "Very good point," "I, too, used to think so," and so on. Examples of "ligament words-" "However," "And vse-taki", "And nevertheless," "And yet,»

Important!!! No negatives! The word "No", "No", and their semantic analogues should not be heard in your speech. One such word you will reduce to zero all their works. Use only psychologically comfortable and streamlined phrases!
Now let's go through the list of common objection:
1. "Well, because you need to eat meat!" - The answer has already been given above. To better understand what is meant interlocutor, what motivation - ask the question: "What do you mean? Why do you say that? "When you get concretized answer, it will be easier to respond to the objection.

2. "A man has to eat meat." - Ask why a man (not a woman) must eat meat? Next on Concord Circle answer.

3. "The fish need to have necessarily the same phosphorus!" - You're absolutely right, I thought so too early, however, to understand the issue, I learned the following ...... can, phosphorus and need a body, but not really that much it in fish, as is commonly believed. There are herbal products, where it is not less. But the harm from eating fish is immeasurably more than good! (Explain what specific harm)

4. "In the meat contains essential protein" - It is good that you raised this question! Yet there are not essential proteins and amino acids. Of these, in the end, you can get any proteins, vegetable food admirably to the challenge!

5. "Man - predator" - That's what I used to think, however, by looking at the structure of human teeth and predators, I realized that they have fundamental differences. The difference in the length of the intestine talking about the same. In addition, human nature innate aversion to the sight of blood, guts, raw meat. Etc.

6. "A man came when the monkey began to eat meat," - Ask where such knowledge))) Personally, I do not know such facts)))

7. "Our ancestors ate meat for centuries, why should we stop?" - I agree with you completely. And yet, deep look into this matter, I found that our ancestors ate is not so much meat, as is commonly believed. First, this was due to climate change and forced migration to colder regions where plant foods is not enough. Secondly, before the revolution in Russia it was a whole community of vegetarians and raw foodists. And after the revolution, too. The novel by Ilf and Petrov's "12 chairs" can cite as an example, there is about vegetarian dining is told))) Refrigerators were less than a hundred years ago, before this amount of meat was simply nowhere to store. And how many in the Christian calendar meatless days in total? and so on.

Here's a rough outline responses to contentious issues. The whole long list of possible objections, I will not work, it was important for me to show the principle. But the list goes on, you can walk yourself and prepare answers. Excellent training!

8. "And gorillas eat meat!»
9. "In no meat sausages!»
10. "Do you still think about the bacteria that you are saving!»
11. "And you innocent victims tomato is not a pity?»
12. "Everything is useful that climbed into his mouth!»
13. "Even in the Bible it is written that you can eat meat!»
14. "Jesus fed the people with fish and wine!»
15. "The man raised animals for food»
16. "The fish do not feel pain!»
17. "But the plants feel pain too ?!»
18. "Anyone who does not eat meat, become aggressive!»
19. "Personally, I can not without meat!»
20. "You will not eat meat - not grow up!»
21. "If you do not eat meat - lost entrepreneurial acumen and life!»
. 22. "Pregnant women need meat!»
23. "If pets are not grown for meat, they would not have been!»
24. "In the villages, not to this exotic, there is nothing to eat in the winter, except meat!»
25. "For the physical activity needs meat!»
26. "Without meat does not build up muscles!»
27. "You have to eat what the body asks!»
28. "Without meat lunch - not dinner!»
29. "We need clothes made of wool and leather. That meat is not lost - it must have »
30. "The animals are killed not hurt»
31. "Why do you, unless you grow thin?»
32. "What, then, is, if not meat?»
33. "All the vegetarians - hippies, hippies and all - addicts!»
34. "All your troubles because you do not eat meat»
35. "Your children are freaks»
36. "Your children will not be»
37. "Before killing of animals really care»
38. "If a cow is not milked, she will die. Cow she asks her milked »
39. "This is a banana that you eat, taken from monkeys in Africa. Is not that cruel? »
40. "And why not eat shrimp? They're stupid. »
41. "If you do not eat meat, will fall all the hair and nails.»
42. "When I stopped eating meat, I became too good. And I need business acumen.. »
43. "Without meat does not bring forth - the fetus is defective.»
44. "If God did not want people to eating animals, he would not have made them out of meat.»
45. "Human teeth are not as sharp as that of a predator, but the meat can be cooked.»
46. ​​"A person can not live long without meat.»
47. "The man has teeth - carnivore means.»
48. "Without impossible to eat meat, because vegetarian food is digested quickly and again the feeling of hunger.»
49. "If you do not eat meat, will anemia (anemia).»
50. "I kill the grass and cucumbers, why can not kill animals?»
51. "Pure vegetarians in nature does not happen - even herbivores can eat insects, bird eggs, small rodents.»
52. "In the women's draw will not.»
53. "If you do not have a cow, they brood they will be too much.»
54. Vitamin B-12 keep only in the meat! Without it, develop the disease and imminent death.
55. "The brain of children - vegetarians underdeveloped.»
56. "In fact, I almost did not eat meat.»
57. "Yes, I do for the group of blood is necessary to eat meat !.»
58. "Mom upset ...»
59. "I can not abandon his family for the sake of the animals!»
60. "No one has proved that the raw foodists live longer than ordinary people»

You have reached the end of the list? Ok, now you are perfectly prepared for even the most difficult conversation! And another Soviet attitude to everything with humor. Smile to people, show their openness and willingness to cooperate and exchange views, learn to listen to people. Then no tricky questions you will not be afraid! Successful and fruitful discussions! And new like-minded people in our midst!


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