Chicken Kiev


chicken breasts - 2 pieces
butter - 40 gr
garlic, dill, salt
Eggs - 2 pieces
crackers panirovachnye
vegetable oil


Chicken Kiev (roughly speaking) - a chicken which is wrapped inside a piece of butter. Therefore, the oil should be prepared in advance.

1. soft butter mixed with finely chopped dill, garlic and salt. Oval shape thereof sticks and frozen to stone state. In our case, the oil needs to be done 4 cubes and freeze.

2. Wash the chicken breast, remove the skin and gently separate the flesh from the bone. Of the two chicken breasts get four chicken Kiev.

3. Chicken fillet gently beat off a hammer and a wrap frozen butter.

4. The resulting "doll" dip in the pre-beaten egg, then roll in bread crumbs, egg again, and again roll in breadcrumbs. So prepare all 4 patties.

5. cutlets fried fried for 7-8 minutes (do not worry this is enough time for roasting). You can use a deep pan and oil.

Another: Chicken Kiev most tasty immediately after cooking - hot. But! Be careful they do not suffer when they pounce with a knife - can drizzle with oil. Therefore, we must carefully pierce cutlet, allow the oil to drain and then you can enjoy a gentle and very flavorful meat.


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