Chicken Kiev with cheese


For the meatballs: 2 sht.kurinogo fillet, 100g of melted cheese Viola, dill, salt and pepper.
For the batter: flour, bread crumbs.
For lezone 1 egg, 50 ml milk. Lezone (fr. Liaison - communication, connection) - liquid mixture of eggs and milk.


Cut each fillet in the middle (almost to the end). Fillet fight off through plastic wrap, recommended the blunt end of a hammer for beating. Slugger should be carefully, that would not break the meat (in cuts then it will follow the contents midway). Season with salt and pepper.

Seridine on each chop chopped dill and put a slice of processed cheese chilled Viola. For this, I spoon dipped in cold water and gaining cheese upakovochki, then he does not stick to the spoon.

To form patties. If repulsed meat still sometimes broken, I recommend not to worry, and obmyat patty so that would cover all the errors.

Prepare lezone.
Cutlet roll in order: 1) flour, 2) lezone 3) breadcrumbs, 4) lezone 5) breadcrumbs.

Fry for a large amount of oil, turning as frying.
What would chop fry, fry over moderate heat better.


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