Eggs - 4 pcs
Sugar - 1 cup
Flour - 1 cup
Apples - 2 pcs
Butter or vegetable oil
Apple wash, dry, cut into 4 pieces and cut out the core (hard apple peel can be cut). Cut into thin apple dolkami.Slozhit apple slices in a bowl, sprinkle with a little lemon juice (not dark) and mix
Beat eggs with a mixer in a lush penu.Ne stopping beating, vsypte sahar.V egg mass enter the sifted flour and gently, using a tablespoon, mix (not in a circular motion, and the top-down, until the dough will absorb the flour).
Baking dish lightly greased and "powder" mukoy.Na bottom of the form to lay slices of apples, pour the batter on top
Bake in charlotte heated to 180 ° C for about 35-40 minut.V the baking oven door is not open to charlotte opala.Pirog not ready when the top there was a light brown crust.


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