Cake "Berry Mix"

Egg 4 pcs.
6 tablespoons water
200 grams of sugar.
flour 150 gr.
POTATO starch. 150 gr.
baking powder 5/4 tsp no slides
2 tablespoons cocoa

for chocolate cream:
35% cream 140 ml.
Dark chocolate 70 gr.
sugar. powder 2 tablespoons

for white cream:
35% cream 500 ml.
sugar. powder 4 tablespoons

for the filling:
cherry b / c 300 gr.

cherry juice 150 ml.
sugar 150g.

for decoration:
berries (I currants)
chocolate shavings

Biskvit.Yaytso whisk, add water (room temperature), sugar, whip More raz.dobavit flour, starch, baking powder until smooth and kakao.Peremeshat massy.Vylit Split the dough into shape and put in the oven for 30 minutes. at 220.proverit willingness zubochistkoy.Dat cool and cut into 3 korzha.Obrezat cakes on krugu.Obrezki we need for dusting cake.
Krem.Slivki chocolate mix with powdered sugar and put on ogon.Ne boil !!! When will warm the cream, remove from heat and add the finely broken shokolad.Horosho stir, let cool and put into cold 30 min.Krem thickens.
White krem.Slivki whip with sugar. powder.
Sirop.Vishnyu fill 50 oz. sugar, it is better to give noch.K morning cherry juice, which must be drained in kovshik.Esli juice will be less than 150 ml. then add water to the desired number va.Dobavit to juice remaining sugar and put on ogon.Provarit 3-5 minut.Dat cool.

Sborka.Vse 3 siropom.Pervy cake to soak the cake, then chocolate cream, then cake, then the cream, put the cream on cherry, a little pushing, then the cake, then slivki.Boka smear cream.
Trimming of cakes and sprinkle with crushed berries decorate boka.Verh and chocolate chips.
Give soak the cake.


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