Waffles - a long time favorite treat children and adults. Few can resist the only one type of homemade waffles. Recipes for cooking a lot, today I would like to share with you a recipe for cooking waffles, which I got from my mom. Waffles on this recipe my mother used to bake me as a child and I very much and loved, and now preparing their own for their beloved men and they are very satisfied. Try it, I'm sure you will love it too.

For the preparation of waffles you need
(25 wafers):
350-400 grams of flour;
250 grams of butter;
250 grams of sugar;
100 grams of milk;
5 eggs;
1 tsp vegetable oil.


Beat eggs with sugar. Add the butter at room temperature. Beat. Add the milk to room temperature. Beat.

Sift flour, add small portions vymeshivaya dough. The dough should get enough liquid.

Waffle iron well heated, oiled with pastry brush ignited. Take a few spoonfuls of the dough and pour it into the waffle iron, close the lid tightly and cook until browned wafer (the degree of "golden" everyone chooses how he likes).

Hot (!) Wafer with a knife or fork to pull out of the waffle iron and immediately roll. Thus, prepare the rest of the wafer.

Enjoy your tea! Eat with pleasure!


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