12 free advertising methods:

1. Article written for the profile of the magazine, or a thematic collection could be your free advertising. We consider the case where the article can be placed free of charge. Your task is then to offer an interesting article. To date, no publication can not say that it is too interesting to your readers. It can play in your favor.

2. Free advertising for you can serve the newspaper Free classified ads. An example of such advertising can serve as the newspaper "Hand in Hand". But there is one drawback: your quotation you have to disguise a personal ad. If this method of advertising and assume it is not for a long time, because many publications track these types of advertising and can block them.

3. Place your promotional offer on your product packaging, on letterhead, checks. And as a result, you will be able to attract additional customers.

4. Message Boards. They serve for this purpose. For the purposes of free publicity. Place your free ad there. You can also use the boards in the yard or at the entrances of houses for display your ads (but use only adapted for this site).

5. Sprinkle leaflets with your proposal to the mailboxes. Leave your business cards or leaflets in any chastoposeschaemyh public places. And you'll see how free advertising will begin to bear fruit, especially if you put it in places where they live or who visit people who are ready to become your customers.

6. Create a stamp, which will be a brief description of your product or service. Put it on your correspondence, place where you believe it is appropriate. These stamps can serve as free advertising for you.

7. Use your business cards, as free advertising. Place kratkoizlozhennoe your best price offer on the back of your business cards. There is no need to place on the back of a foreign language of your contact information (for foreigners do another business card). So card will work for you even more effectively than before.

8. Every day on the Internet are becoming increasingly popular online auctions. Many of them are free. Use them for selling your products and find new customers. This free advertising as online auctions to help assist you in promoting your products and services.

9. As you may have guessed, e-mail can also be a free advertising for your business. Emails will help you convey your advertising offer. It is better to have your letters have been targeted and individual because as spam in the network are not welcome.

10. Free advertising for you can be a variety of conferences and forums on the Internet. To be effective, this type of advertising, you need to keep in mind that your promotional offer to be appropriate in the forum or conference, otherwise it will not live long.

11. Create your own topical newsletter on the Internet. In it you will be able to talk about the specifics of your business and free to advertise their products and services. Her you can organize or on your site or via the special mailing services.

12. Joint marketing. Today it is the most popular "academic word" in Japan. This refers to the practice of sharing only vzaimoreklamirovaniya several firms (eight or nine) in order to attract buyers. Combining promotional efforts, each of the eight or nine companies distribute as their own leaflets, brochures and other members of the group companies. They are placed in their signs and emblems of each other or cooperate in the marketing. Advertising costs while decreasing and increasing sales significantly.


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