Google: Brand Story

Google search engine handles tens of billions of queries per month, having an absolute majority of the search market. The closest competitors (Yahoo! and Bing) behind his order.

It is Google first comes to mind when it comes about famous brands. Very young company, managed in a very short period soar so high. And all based on one simple, but very interesting idea.

Stanford University graduate students Larry Page (Larry Page) and Sergey Brin (Sergey Brin) rightly reasoned that the more interesting online resource, the more external links will lead to it. That such sites, and it was decided to pay more attention when searching. Creating a Google did not begin suddenly - such a project required considerable investments. However, finding investors was not easy, as many expected to see something special, and they showed "another search engine." But Larry and Sergey had the perseverance and charisma, they believed in the future they invented contextual advertising technology. The money was found.

In 1998, scraped together about one million US dollars, friends register a new company, naming it in honor of that looks like one and one hundred zeros - googol. Incidentally, in the observable universe there is nothing that she could be measured. So to some extent Google swings at infinity. Initially, the search engine has been tested, being located on a domain Later, as a beta, it handles about 10 thousand requests per day. In general, history repeated Yahoo! ..

Rise began in 1999. The number of requests is estimated hundreds of thousands per day. Begins to contract with the giants of the Internet business. The first was sunk into oblivion now Netscape, and then Yahoo! .. All this at a significant pace increased the popularity of the new search engine. Already by 2001, Google has become profitable.

The History of Google is not interested in itself, and its existence. She - a new incarnation of the "American Dream" breakthrough "in the spirit of the times." An example of the fact that not all possibilities are used, there is always room for a step forward, opening up new horizons.

Imagine a modern Internet without Google simply does not work. No wonder so popular was the jargon "Google". Moreover, sometimes inadvertently pose the question "and what we were looking for and how to find anything at all before?". And you can not remember the answer. While Google is not perfect and sometimes necessary to resort to the services of other search engines. However, this is true for absolutely exotic requests. For example, in the Asian region are weak and Google's position is better to resort to Baidu (if you do not know Chinese, then there will come to the aid of Google Translator).

Google will never in a hurry. The company introduces a lot of services, but at the same time developing their very slowly. But there is something in them that is addictive. Popolzovavshis a while, you begin to realize that you can no longer do without Gmail, Google Docs and so comfortable that gradually begin to abandon installed on your computer text editors. And that there is only one in a bookmark sync Google Chrome! And so in all - a little company captures larger and larger territory, becoming for them almost standard.

Introduced in late 2008, Google Android, although initially caused only skeptical grin, now aiming to competitors such monsters as iPhone OS, BlackBerry OS and Symbian. Moreover, the number of manufacturers producing devices based on it, the Android OS is already a leader.

Knowing full well that one only advertising they do not last forever, leadership Google is constantly looking for new and interesting ideas. Mindful of their own endeavors, Sergey and Larry willingly Patronage, investing in many interesting projects. So, thanks to their participation appeared company producing electric sports car Tesla Motors. Cooperation with HTC has borne fruit in the form of Nexus One - the first smartphone under the brand Google, working, of course, under Android. Not to mention about the constant scientific and medical research, as well as the space program, subsidized by generous hand Google. And so on and so forth.


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