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Time does not stand still. The fact that yesterday was "a novelty", it is now no one is interested. Remember the first television commercial? I have in mind, for some reason, it is associated with advertising "sneakers". Oh, dashing 90-s!

So, while television advertising is widely perceived as a source of valuable information. People looking to sell just the products that they advertise on TV, radio and in newspapers. This is not surprising, because we were sure that the media does not offer anything wrong, because they are under the control of the Central Committee of the CPSU and the Soviet government. But then, the media have begun to gradually withdraw from the control of the state and move under the influence of various business structures.

I do not know about you, but today, I would gladly pay money for something that advertising has disappeared from the screen of my TV. By the way, here's an idea for a real business - providing services for filtering television broadcasts from advertising. Believe me, you have a lot of customers will not. For that television advertising has all the "get". However, I think it will be very difficult to get permission from the channels to provide such services. Oh, and it would be great to watch "telly" without advertising!

Today, people have changed their attitude to advertising. We began to realize that the advertised product is not always the best. Moreover, we are convinced that this product can be harmful and even our health. We already do not trust advertising. Perhaps that is why we switch the channel when it starts showing commercials.

All it says only one thing - traditional advertising is losing its effectiveness actively. People "not being" on stupid commercials or billboards with smiling faces of famous singers and actors. The client does not believe in all this nonsense, it is necessary to search for an individual approach, we need new areas of advertising. And one of those is an information booklet.
What is an information booklet and what is it for

Remember, we recently talked about the advertising business cards and their effectiveness? So, information booklets are working more productively. The truth and value, they cost much more. But if relatively newspaper advertising or promotional mailing difficult for me to say something good, then information booklets can be called a wise investment in the promotion of their business. But let us first give a definition of this type of advertising:

Information booklet - a small collection of useful information that is not of a promotional nature.

Imagine the situation: on the street 30 degrees below zero, you race through the city, knowing that, if we do not find a warm shelter, it is likely that your eggs will turn into two ice ball and you will only have to remember how once you can ... In short, you are looking in panic shelter for themselves and their frost-laden eggs. And suddenly, you notice the entrance to the furniture store. You bullet ran into the room and pretend that you are very interested in home furniture.

Experienced manager happily greets you at the entrance and gives his business card advertising furniture showroom. You, of course, take this valuable gift, all kind of letting him know that you will keep a business card with his passport and not parted with it ever. Well, while they themselves are looking for peripheral vision nearest bin to throw this business card when leaving the store.

But suddenly, your eye catches an information booklet. You pick up this little book with color pictures and begin to study it. The booklet has been written about how to choose the furniture, what you should pay attention. Also, there is told about the materials for the manufacture of furniture, how they differ from each other and what materials it is better not to use in the manufacture of furniture. You understand that if you need furniture, then this information booklet will help her to choose the right or to order the production of quality furniture design. You ask the manager: "Uncle, can I take with me more and that's it?" The manager looks at your loyal naive smile, then looks at the crumpled and torn advertising business card, ready to be sent to the trash, and replied with a smile: " Of course you can! By the way, the urn for business cards is at the entrance to the store ».

It is clear that you can lose everything, even the information booklet. But, you see, between the words "lose" and "throw" there is a difference. A well-compiled an information booklet, as a rule, buyers themselves beg sales consultants. Because there are no stupid worthless advertising. It has the most valuable information that can help the customer make the right choice. And the nonsense that the top of each page contains the name of your company, its address and contact numbers. They did not interfere with the client in the study of useful information presented in this booklet.

Here's a real example of effective work of this type of advertising as an information booklet.
That it is necessary for the efficient operation of an information booklet

In compiling the information booklet should always remember the following important things:
1. The content of the booklet should be useful to a potential customer. Agree, if you're in it write an autobiography of his mother in law, it is unlikely that such an information booklet interested buyer. More venture to suggest that information about the model number of your furniture catalog, and will not make the client look faithfully in your eyes and ask you to give him this "little book." But if the booklet will be presented useful information that is not advertising, if the client can not break away from reading your information booklet, that's when you can assume that made creative innovative publicity stunt promoting development of your business.
2. The information in the booklet must be accurate. Carefully check all the information you plan to print a booklet. You must understand that in this case acts as a best friend and a mentor for your potential customer. You should tell him "as the spirit" all the features selection of furniture, clearly show how not to make furniture, and what technologies are used in good faith by the manufacturer. The client must see that he is not trying to "mislead brains", but on the contrary, he try to open your eyes and show what it looks like high quality furniture. Understand times liars gradually disappearing. In place are a trusting relationship between the seller and the buyer. Only in this way can now build an effective furniture business.
3. Contact data indicate unobtrusively. Not to impose the client. Remember, first of all, you inform him. You give him food for thought. And most importantly - you leave it the right choice. He can buy furniture from you and can go and order it from a competitor. Understand that even writing at all on the forehead with red paint 'Buy furniture from SP Kozijavkin ", you still will not get to Kozyavkin become a monopolist in the furniture market. Therefore, the call to purchase in our time rather alienate the customer from you, rather than located. But discreet, confidential approach can be a motivating factor contributing to the buyer to give preference to your company, rather than competing firms. So, your contact information in the information booklet to indicate it is necessary, but so that they are not "cut eye" to the reader. Believe me, when will decide on the purchase of furniture, it certainly will find your position on this leaflet and contact your managers.


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