A bad word is worse than poison

Eighty nine million seventy six thousand seven hundred twenty four

What is the most dangerous poison on earth? Someone will say — the poison of the snake, someone will say — the poison of the Scorpion and some spider poison. And everyone will be far from the truth. Is poison more terrible. This is an informational poison.There is no vaccine, entering the us once, he kills us all life.

Information the poison is the most terrible weapon in the Universe! Evidence for this fact are countless. Today I will give only one. And for that, we will go to distant Japan. There lives our friend, big fan and friend of the Academy Winners, an outstanding scientist of our time, Mr. Masaru Emoto.

It kneipenhits extremely popular around the world. Masaru Emoto has produced a unique microscope that allowed him to instantly freeze the water and get pictures of snowflakes. The study of the influence informatsiyna properties of water Emoto has devoted his life. And that's what our friend: Elina a pot of water to write negative words: "Death", "Disease", "Evil", then after a sharp frost snowflakes turn out ugly! And if you write the words positive, light — "Love", "Happiness", "Faith" — that snowflakes turn out divinely beautiful!

Thirty nine million two thousand eight hundred eight

Will tell You another compelling experiment that was repeated at the time thousands of people! Yes, and You can easily repeat.

If you take two jars with cooked rice and one to write negative words, and the other positive, and then put them in tenneese, then You'll have mega convincing result! The rice in the pot with negative words began to stink, rot, blackened, and positive words — no!

And now – attention! We are 80% water. Want to rot from the inside, use more negative words. But just remember — thoughts are material! Today You are where You led Your yesterday's thoughts and tomorrow You will be where You will today's thoughts! Thoughts are seeds that grow like disease, poverty, loneliness, fears, failures, and happiness, success, luck, health, wealth, faith, love! You Decide...

Conclusion: the most deadly poison is the negative information, she is waiting for us everywhere! It causes You and mankind maximum damage!

So do not let an idiot, firmly and decisively cut down all the TV channels, "zomboyaschiku" wisely and safely block the sites from which purulent, poison rushing flow of negative information. And here's a tip for the most daring, the most thinking: guys don't watch the news, the sillier it could be nothing!

I will explain why this is well, very stupid: first You create the illusion that You will learn something new. All this self-deception, the truth is that You are dumb. Second, eighty percent of the negative news... look higher than it is for You and Your family safe.
And thirdly, if the world came to an end, You will learn about it after all, and therefore will live a happy man the longest, which is also a plus! And finally, the main conclusion! Change the thoughts "negative" to "positive" and You change your life. Be happier, take care of yourself!

Dmitriy Bondar

source: professionali.ru

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