Original ways to get rich (10 photos)

How to get rich, when seemingly everything has long been invented and all niches are occupied? But not for those people, which will be discussed below. The most important thing - a creative approach! It turns out you can make any garbage at all, the main thing - to properly arrange.

service lease friends

We all grew up someone's friends, but very few people came into his head to make it. Unfortunately or fortunately, but today we live in a completely different era, where friendship make, and not bad. To do this, just something to have an account on the site RentAFriend.com, specify the hourly rate for which you are willing to "make friends" and wait until someone is interested. Win-win situation.

Register online "friend rent" free, and you can earn up to $ 50 per hour. You can hire, for example, to create a company for going to the movies, to the wedding to former / ex, play tennis, dine at the restaurant, etc.

The idea of ​​creating the site came up with its owner Scott Rosenbaum after visiting dating sites. He noted that none of these services do not offer just a friendship and decided to fill this gap. Rosenbaum stresses that its service is specialized in purely platonic relationship.

Service offering to hire personal paparazzi

Paparazzi "hunt" is not just for celebrities. Now you can hire your own paparazzi, who will follow you around on his heels all day. This is what makes the site Celeb4aday.com - it allows anyone to feel like a star, even if only for one day. Sometimes the paparazzi hired to please or play friends as a gift for a birthday or for any other event.

Advertising face

Students Ed Moyes and Ross Harper came up with original way to make a study (which is 50 thousand euros to his brother!), Nothing particularly burdensome not doing. They draw on their faces advertising, and then photographed with funny faces or remove funny videos on request. Sometimes they have to jump with a parachute or dive into the cold water. In the first ad guys pay one euro. And in the next ten days they earned 3500 euros and since then not sitting "work" for a single day.

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