Billionaires quotes that will change your attitude to money

The way you think about money can affect your chances of getting rich.

So why in search of inspiration, not to appeal to those who have already reached financial heights?

We have collected 15 of the statements the world's richest people — investor Warren Buffett to technological magnate Jeff Bezos.

These quotes of billionaires can change the way you think about business, investing and success.

"I never wanted to just create a company. Many people mistakenly think that I'm not interested in income, and that sort of thing. But really, for me to be "not just" means to create something really important that will forever change the world" — mark Zuckerberg, head of Facebook.


"When a small business grows into something big, as happened with eBay, it starts a chain reaction. Due to this there are other small companies that create intellectual capital, goods and services," — Meg Whitman, head of Hewlett Packard Enterprise.


"I'll tell you how to get rich. Close the door. Fear when other greed covers. And be greedy when others are afraid" — Warren Buffett, Chairman of the Board and head of Berkshire Hathaway.


"There are very few people who managed to create a business like ours. I'm just not interested to lose this for the sake of immediate profit," Evan Spiegel, the head of Snap Inc., refusal to sell your business company Facebook.


"His success I owe to the fact that never in my life money was not for me in the first place" — Oprah Winfrey, media Mogul.


"That's what I think: the more money you give people, the more they will spend. But if they won't spend, invest them in something. Investing is another way to create jobs. The money in mutual funds or banks, who can use them to issue loans, and this is to the benefit of all" — mark Bloomberg, head of Bloomberg LP.


"If money was our main purpose in life, we would long ago have sold the company and now sunbathed on the beach" — Larry page, co-founder and head of Google Inc.


"I think that frugality encourages innovation — as well as other constraints. There are only a few ways to get out of a difficult situation, and one of them is to invent your own way to do it," — Jeff Bezos, head Amazon.


"We constantly hear the phrase that happiness for money can't buy. But deep down I still thought that money can make you a little bit, but happier. In fact, it is not" — Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google and President of Google Inc.


"You earn good money and everyone can. Much harder to have a steady income, to feel their responsibility to society and change the world for the better" — Jack MA, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Alibaba Group.


"Money does not make you to others, they more make you who you are" — Sara Blakely, founder of Spanx.


"I'm a little stingy, so what? When I'm going for something to spend their money, I wonder can afford it buyers IKEA... I can always fly first class, but if you have a lot of money, that's not a reason to squander them. A good leader must submit the correct example to others. It is my duty to be that person for all the IKEA employees", — Ingvar Kamprad, founder of IKEA.


"The financial markets generally are unpredictable... The idea that you can actually predict future events, is contrary to my vision of the market" — George Soros, investor and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Soros Fund Management.


"I believe that we need to understand the Economics of the business before you develop a strategy, and then have to deal with strategy — before you start creating a structure. If you will be doing it in the wrong order, then most likely will fail", — Michael Dell, head of Dell Inc.


"I never dreamed about how to get rich. I thought this was not. I wanted only one thing — to achieve something in their lives," — Sheldon Adelson, Chairman of the Board of Directors and head of Las Vegas Sands Corporation. published


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