Backpack solar

The information age has given us countless portable devices: BlackBerrys, PDAs, iPods, digital cameras, cell phones and so on. A distinctive feature of all these mobile companions is that they need energy. Well, if you have a socket where you can plug the charger. But what if there are no sources of energy? If reigns heat, 30 degrees and cloudless sky the sun is shining brightly? For such cases, especially if you are in this weather is not short path for the remote location, and mobile device necessary as air, and created this unique backpack with three waterproof solar panels. These batteries generate power up to 4 watts, which is enough to charge almost any modern mobile device.

With the exception, perhaps, can only be the laptop which are more demanding of electricity. In addition, the backpack is equipped with a packing Li-ion batteries, which store energy and allow you to charge your devices even when the sun isn't shining. For direct its rays of normal cell phone charges in about 4-6 hours. Solar panels encased in strong, but lightweight composite material, which can withstand the shocks of the road.

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