How do you know that a man is lying?

Building relationships is difficult to imagine if there is a lie, which often destroys them. Often, women are faced with the dilemma of how to understand what the man was lying? Most of the girls, trying to make mistakes. Psychologists say that if a man is lying to try to find out the reasons, then bring to a frank conversation, watching the reaction.

The error is as follows: women, suspecting a lie, start trouble, offended, withdraw into themselves. There are some signs, directly or indirectly able to help you understand that your partner is cheating:

1. Dramatically changed his attitude. Most men feel guilt when they start to lie. Trying to hide it behave unnaturally: overly aggressive or vice versa unexpectedly gentle, caring (not peculiar to him before);

2. He became more secretive, closed. When a person is lying, usually unconsciously trying to hide the truth. For example, suddenly put a password on the phone;

3. Avoid conversations. A man who cheats a woman has their motives (from the noble, as it seems to low), so you need to hide them in the 1st place. Communicating for a long time and on different topics, easily "blurt out too much." If you suspect something was wrong, try to talk "in the souls", frankly. Likely to try to change the subject, to translate a joke, but the difficult questions (requiring details) followed by aggression. Excessive same explanation (not peculiar to it before) - too strange sign that stands ponder

4. One of the methods proposed by psychologists verification truth conversation. Suspecting something false in the words, ask again, pretend that you catch it poorly or not understood. Watch the reaction, sometimes in such a situation a man reissues other details, information different from the previous one. Ask retell the events in reverse order, if he's lying - to make it extremely difficult. Known term "Freudian slip" - comes to the rescue. Care should be taken reserving men, it is quite possible that he was wrong, gave the truth.

5. Facial expressions and gestures. There are some signs that characterize a lie. For example, often relegated to the eyes, nose rubbing, etc.

If you notice any of these signs - this is not a clear proof lies. However, in general, changes in the relationship woman felt intuitively. Try to communicate more frequently, with a partner, to strengthen the relationship - a good way to know a person and will be easier to recognize when a man is telling the truth, and when - is hiding something.


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