Fear of novelty.

Before the crucial moment imagine the worst-case scenario, according to which he can go. If you are sure that even in the unfortunate event nothing bad will happen. To find peace in ordinary life situations, which for some reason is the thrill in you, realize that you are safe and you are not hanging over the deadly threat.

If you already involuntarily constantly think about the unfavorable outcome of the case, imagine how not cope with the work, failed to achieve their means, the excitement comes together with a negative attitude to defeat. For example, you go to the office of the chief to ask for higher wages. On the way you thought occurred: "What if you refuse?". Suddenly, this assumption is in lieu of all other options and scares you. As a result, confidence is falling, there is no hardness in his voice, the look - like a hunted animal, and the head really doubt that you deserve a raise. The more you worry, the more positions lost during the call. Do not think about the outcome at all or only configure a positive result.
If you have to do something for the first time, prepare well. The level of excitement is inversely proportional to the degree of your special qualification in a particular subject. Collect information about the new work items, repeat what forgotten. Perfect knowledge of the materiel significantly reduces the level of excitement.

A man who always starts to worry about finding themselves in precarious situations for him, it is necessary to leave the comfort zone more often: to find new routes to work and home, to visit new places, to expand the circle of friends, to do something unusual. Psychologists recommend especially put himself in an awkward situation, so you feel less pinched. For example, travel on public transport or in pajamas screaming in the street.

Perhaps this has something: to make a step towards your fear and see that nothing terrible happens, people find it easier to relate to situations that were stressful for him. On the other hand, the better to carry out such experiments is not their own, but under the supervision of a specialist.


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