The goal is - no excitement

Coping with anxiety is easy when a person knows exactly what he wants, is obsessed with one idea, not paying much attention to the surrounding circumstances. Such an individual is difficult to confuse with something. Readers may remember the inimitable MirSovetov hero Ilya Ilf and Yevgeny Petrov - Ostap Bender, who wanted to go to Rio de Janeiro and made for the sake of all that capable.

Of course, he was an adventurer by nature, but because even in difficult situations Ostap lost. If you will have a goal and you will be assured of its attainability, everything else, including the reasons for the excitement, go by the wayside. You just do not have time to spare feelings.

It is important to stop yourself immediately, they began to worry. Take in himself, remember useful equipment. Otherwise, this feeling will grow and eventually will cover you as an ocean wave, washing away an your talents and abilities. And you they still come in handy, because in front of so many new, responsible and interesting cases.


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