8 ways to deceive the woman herself.

Lying very bad, everybody knows about it. But let's face it, people often lie, and most of all they lie to themselves. This happens because of immaturity, and as a consequence of the expectation that a lie which she currently inspires ever come true, but it does not (!!!). no need to pull the desire results.

Countless times deceive ourselves in situations and people, yet I do not really bothered. Unreasonable expectations from man, belief in the senses, which in fact is not, vputyvanie themselves in unnecessary situations and events, the consequences of which need to then rake. Who has not been in such a situation? Yes, I think everything at least once.

People tend to be fascinated, and especially women - are, people expectations. And since it is based only on the imagination, it is very disappointed and very hurt.

As one successful woman: "If you people do not like on a first date, do not go for a second, because you can fall in love, charming, start a relationship, and then a few years still separate." And so it is very, very often.

Women lie more than just itself, and blame the men, and all because they themselves did not protect themselves from unwanted situations and toxic people. 8 Now draw the most common choices lie to itself favorite, and not so much a favorite, all the same time deceiving himself. So essentially you have a video recorded for 10 minutes, who does not like to watch, read on.

1. Lying to myself that these feelings ever existed.

Sooo common situation. Often women with low self-esteem. They went on a date, and he did a compliment, or other gestures, but from the side it is clear that man is not seeking to conquer a woman, he does not want to make it their own, or he does not know what he wants. But the woman's head start, "Jim-Jim, Acha-Acha", and rushed. After a time, when clearly it becomes that there's nothing a woman feels broken, deceived and disappointed. Another blow sledgehammer self-assessment. It is better to raise than to catch ghostly rabbits.

2. The woman said to the man, he does not think about anything serious.

And of course once again lying !!! Shamelessly lied to him, but sadly all that yourself. Woman health, energy, and life position is not recommended to repeat really do not recommend ... lead a hectic lifestyle, positioning patsansky lifestyle, all this in its own board ... as a friend, and nothing serious. Such women are few units that may think so, but they will soon change their mind, because in such a relationship a woman becomes more a woman, falls in love and stuff. In the words of one successful businessman and business coach Alex Yanovsky, "a woman should sleep with someone who wants to marry her, and is really a very serious intent." That's the way a woman physiologically energetically, not to break their integrity. From despair or depression, feelings of hopelessness or nedolyublennosti childhood woman lying a "nothing serious." Do not be so with you, girl. Learn to love yourself and to protect its integrity.

3. What is he still a goat! Yeah, yeah, yeah (tell a friend).

Yes, for this type of lie just needed a friend, and for them is a woman, to get the approval of its self-deception, it is a confirmation that the real. And listening to the beautiful colors of what he is not courageous, and that his ears are cold, and a scoundrel, and ... and ... everything. This effect comes from the fact that the woman has lied to himself decently in the first paragraph provided article, it is not seeking a man for some reason, he does not care. Internally, the woman realizes that with him it was good, even very good, but it is still a goat, and a scoundrel, because ...... Yes, just like that, and that's the girlfriend will not lie (yes, yes, - on the script). Women's League rulllzzzz! In fact, women's inner strength is not disclosed to the level of a man who she likes, and hold it it can not - it is necessary to grow, to reveal themselves, and / or she does she is not ready for a serious relationship, does not know what he wants, no integrity.

4. Call me, call ... do not call.

Similar to the previous point, and yet different. Like women to bother his head, hang noodles on the ears, and wear rose-colored glasses in tolstochennoy frame. The young lady inspired. a casual ... it's cool, yyahuuu. But here's the problem, for a man it's just a coincidence, but then the woman stays in the expectations, if not sbytochnoy, and then he-goat, on paragraph 3. He did not call ... "maybe he translated his grandmother across the road, and as long as he saved a little boy , crosses the street, he still hit by a car. He's lying, can not lift a hand or a foot. Maybe give him a call, make a surprise ... Or maybe it was stolen by aliens. There are many options, women's imagination is boundless. A woman is in a delusion that such a chance ... give him to understand that it is the woman of his dreams, and no one else will be able to make it happier than she is. But what is it, if a woman does not respect herself, does not give a man to understand that she has a female dostoynstvo. As Marilyn Monroe said: "I can be miserable and myself, and a man I should be happy." And it's not what makes a man, and how a woman allows to treat yourself, and what it represents who she is.

5. It is to no one meets.

The woman already knew that a random ... it is still way down the slippery slope to the destruction of their femininity. And now it is not so, but again something is not it asisyaynomu scenario, for some reason he does not pay attention to it. And our dear sweetheart, lying does not blushing - that this girl had precisely nothing. It is a vile lie itself, steals a lot of time.

"I am the most charming, seductive and in general ... He does not want to disappoint yourself with anyone else, and since he does not invite her on a date, then it is, in principle, no one meets and sleeps. Here! «

This kind of lie comes from the fact that nothing really doing, not developing, the woman too, and not justified exceeded significance and importance of his person. Ladies with an internal phenomenon often attracted to situations and people who abruptly show them otherwise.

Just relax, let go of the sack to write the name of which "importance" - rejoice, live, do what is interesting to you. Your worth is based on what is inside and not the views of others.

6. He's dead, is not it at all!

The woman had a clue that it changes or is looking for another while continuing to spend time with her Where does its energy at the same time is another question.

In general, in order to get rid of all this suffering, the woman decides that he died, and he is no more. Some people are so into it starting to believe that after killing him physically (Ha ha laugh here, it's black humor).

7. But come on, we're friends!

He is not dead, and yet the decision that he was very much alive. And after a failed relationship to a woman, she suddenly decides that they can be quite good friends. Well cho? It does no awkward and modern. It will be able to make friends with his new liability, and will not be jealous. "I am a modern girl after all, people after a failed relationship can be friends" - it currently lies. "I am calm and relaxed, very friendly ... Who is he there on facebook, where it came from? Whew .... «.

8. I'm over this ... I'm not that, waiting for the tram.

A couple of months a friendship, and a woman came to the conclusion that it is not working. It is higher than this, and now all your friends will certainly show "I'm over it" (meeting of friends of the scenario). And he was so bug-tarakashka in her life and does not mean anything, and she did not care. "And I do not think about it-think-think-think" - repeats like a mantra lady.

Of course, this is not an exhaustive list, I just like a figure 8. Ha, because the list itself lies in a woman infinite.

The good news is that this is not a sentence - to be in the web of their own lies. Learn to speak the truth itself, and you will have a solid platform for growth, because truthfulness is the basis of human virtues. From the beginning of the realization of the truth can be sad and unpleasant, but in your power to change yourself, and attitude to the situation, the best you can do magic, which is peculiar to women.

To change the situation, and be able to, when you are attracted precisely those men who love you, and they are already experiencing, not you - you need to awaken their their feminine power.

P.S. The article used the literature the word "goat" and "scoundrel" in order to convey the reality of the situation.



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