How to do a pedicure at home?

Steaming feet. To do this, pour into a bowl of hot water and take a bath for half an hour. Water should be a soap, so you should advance to rub some soap into a container (can be very cheap). The benefit for the legs and bring herbal teas or conifers, which are added in the form of filtered water. If the skin on the heels of strong callous, it is possible to add to bowl more and table or sea salt. The water must be very hot, as the cooling must be added to a basin of boiling water.

Remove hard skin. Rough skin from the soles and heels cleaned special grater or pumice. More delicate are peeling means for the feet, such as the coffee scrub. It is important not to overdo it, not to remove the excess layer.
Recreation. After peeling to do a half-hour break to rest his feet.

Moving away cuticle. The smooth shape of nails turn by moving away cuticle stick or shovel. Excess skin is best not to cut - you can carry infection.

Circumcision nails. Toenails are cut in a straight line without rounding to prevent the risk of possible ingrowth. It is better not to cut it too short, since the side of the skin will rub against shoes.

Grinding. Nails nail file is processed in the same way as on the hands.

Processing. Feet and toes disinfected by any suitable means, such as a lotion.

Clearcoat. A woman can be used as a colorless, and a bright shade of nail polish on your own.

Smearing cream. Once the varnish is completely dry, lubricated foot cream legs and gently massaged.


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